5 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids This Easter

Easter is always a special time of the year for children. There’s a good chance you have fond memories of egg hunts and Easter baskets yourself. Now that the holiday is almost here, you might be wondering what you can do to make your child’s Easter especially memorable this year. There are many games and activities you can share with your kids this holiday, and we’re going to share a few of them today. Here are five fun things you can do with your kids this Easter.

Egg Hunt with a Twist: Of course, kids always look forward to the egg hunt on Easter Sunday. However, it can spoil the fun a bit if one kid finds all the eggs in a few minutes. One way to get around this is to have each child search for a specific colour of egg. You can also keep it competitive by having one golden egg that anyone can find. Whoever finds this egg, gets a prize.

Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny: This is a new twist on an old classic game. It’s essentially the same as pin the tail on the donkey, where the child is blindfolded, spun around, and has to place the tail closest to the right spot as possible. But to give the game an Easter theme, you can use a bunny instead of a donkey. This is a fun game that most kids won’t expect, which can help make their Easter especially memorable.

Jelly Bean Guessing Game: This is a great way for your kids to have fun while also getting their Easter candy fix. Simply fill a mason jar full of jelly beans and have each child guess how many is in it. Whoever guesses closest to the correct number gets the entire jar. This is a very easy game to put together, and your kids will certainly enjoy it.

Making Crafts: Making crafts is a great way for your kids to have fun and exercise their creativity. The ideas in this area are nearly limitless. You can make everything from bunny ears, bunny masks, customized Easter baskets, finger puppets and so much more. And once they’re finished, you’ll have something that will always remind you of this time in their lives. If you’re looking for some affordable Easter kits and bundles, you can find them at TheWorks.co.

Reading Children’s Books: Reading to your kids is a great way to spend time with them, especially if the weather ends up cancelling your previous plans. There are a number of great, Easter-themed children’s books out there, making this an especially appropriate activity to share with your children. Reading to your children at a young age also has numerous benefits for them as they get older, such as improved memorization and reading skills.

These are a few of the things you can do to make your child’s Easter special this year. Of course, there are many other things a person could do to spend time with their children during the holiday. The ideas are limitless, so feel free to be creative and think of your own activities this Easter.

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