5 fuss Free Family Holidays in Asia

There is a myth that holidays are meant for friends. But that’s so not true. Families can also go together and have a blast especially in ASIA. It is a great place to hang out and spend some of the beautiful moments with your family but the question is where exactly to go. Every place has its own charm and a little pre-planning no matter what you like outdoorsy types, a beach-loving brood or a bunch of culture buffs, it will keep you and your family happy from start to finish.

Places are being categorized according to the weather, kids, entertainment, food etc. So just to make your decision a little bit easy we are listing some of the great places that are the best destinations in this vast region for your specific family needs.


The Land of Smiles, rainforest, endless beaches and even mountains is a perfect place to be with your family. In case of culture and nature your family enjoys, then Chiang Mai is hard to beat. It’s got temples, hill tribe villages, elephant sanctuaries. The beaches are the best place in Phuket, Samui and Krabi for kids. There are so many places if we consider in terms of relaxation also like snorkelling trips, elephant camps and hiking trips which give more time in downtown sand. On a family trip its very important to keep all the ages happy so Bangkok, meanwhile, has shopping, Palaces, temples, floating markets, Chinatown etc. As we all know that children are favourites of all so they will be happily received by everybody there.

In this case Bangkok is very well maintained, if you will go to any mall you will find a baby hall or a nursing room on almost every floor. If we talk about food, It is famous for one of the most delicious places. Every menu have all the options according to the needs of the travellers.If you want to travel Thailand with your family, you can use Agoda coupon code to avail amazing offers. There are no reason to stay in your boring bed come out and enjoy Thailand. A simple and a beautiful tour at the same time can show the highlights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Phuket , with elephants, islands, city tours, river cruises, jungle treks, eco-stays and hill tribe village visits all in one epic journey.

  • JAPAN:

Japan is famous for its tricks that they use to make their county so innovative. If you like you explore japan is one of the best places to go. If you are visiting japan and you didn’t go to watch sumo wresting then going to japan is totally in vein.  Tokyo, Nara and Kyoto are some of the classic destination there. If we talk about Tokyo, yes it is a little crowded and full of stairs but it is a place which is loved by children a lot as there are many kids friendly area where they can enjoy.

Not just for kids but for the older age there are  cultural museums. Then there is the famous Tokyo Disney resort, which by its name only has its fascination of its own. It is one of the favorite places for the families to get together and have fun with there kids. In Kyoto and Nara, they are basically famous for their Famous ancient temples and historical places which have a vide ground too where children can walk easily without creating any mess. Also there is aArashiyama Monkey Park where you can feed the monkey. It is a very fun place for everyone because being close to monkeys are not a easy task. Also then there is a Kyoto aquarium, where you can spend a beautiful fun day too.

It is a great pack of 12 days trip, so that you can have fun of the all the places properly as japan is just so big with so many innovative things. The tour covers Tokyo, Kanazawa, Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto which will give you so many star struck moments that you would want to come back here again. Also you can have the famous origami folding lessons, samurai sword, a manga drawing class and also you can make the plastic models that you will be watching on almost every way.


Hong Kong, we really don’t know why but the name itself seems very exciting. Whenever you will hear this word, you will be like yes, we want to go to this place and explore more and more. All the theme parks, fine dining, shopping, towering skyscrapers, street food is the base line of Hong Kong. For kids, Hong Kong would be there at the first place in the list as obviously there is Disney Land, followed by the ocean park, which is not that crowded as Disney land. Inspite of this there are so many theme parks which are best for the family and kids’ hangout all day long. Also, for not so younger kids there is hiking that will thrill them perfectly.

There are so many other places also that will keep your whole day busy with a lot of fun like peak with a scenic circle walk, Nagong Ping, the big buddha, and many more. Yes, even Hong Kong is a fond of kids, there is a great facilities of nursing home everywhere. Hong Kong is also famous for its food type. Everybody is a picky eater but its not necessary that you will get what you like everywhere, specially on family trips. But Hong Kong is a place where you will get almost every type of food with amazing bit of taste.

The trip will be a long one which will add not just Hong Kong but China too. It also an amazing place to go with your family and have to the fullest. So go put this destination on your bucket list and enjoy and capture some of the most amazing moments with your family.

  • BALI:

A perfectly family friendly place should be at your list. A place where is no age bar and is comfortable for almost every age group is BALI. The food, infrastructure, travel facilities, family friendly environment, everything is just perfect. It can also be said that it is the most family friendly island destination in Asia. There are so many exiting things that will engage your all day and you won’t even realize like hiking, zip-lining, whitewater rafting, silver jewelry-making, cooking classes, surfing, macaque-spotting at Sacred Monkey Forest, various theme parks and water parks, beach swimming, a trip to the butterfly house or bird park, or even gentle strolls through lush.

The best thing about Bali is that there is a lot easy and very well-developed travelling system and southern beaches. You can go anywhere in no time very easily. Also, at every place the biggest problem is considered to be as food. Especially when you have very small kids with you. In this case also, Bali is one of the best places where you can get variety of food items and that too of your own taste. There are a lot of beaches barbecue, trek to villages, monkeys and a lot of historical places and temples.

It is a long 10-day tour, and if you think you are free in end days, lavishing in the pool in the well-furnished hotels will give you one of the best moments with your family. So, go out for a beautiful tour to relax yourself a little bit from your hectic schedule.


A country which is full of entertainment both for the kids and for the elders is the best place to go. There are destinations like Hoi An ad Hue, NhaTrand or PhuQuoc, these places are full of adventure, culture and history. There are adventures like cat tien, rainforests and night safaris. Also, there is a place named Hanoi and Saigon, the city is not just for kids but consists of shopping places for youngsters also. There are a lot of places in depth with culture and architecture which family members loves to travel and wants to explore. you might even take a journey through the Mekong Delta or a trip to the northernmost parts of Vietnam, such as Sapa, to show the kids what local life is like.

If you got a trip with your children, Vietnam is one of the best places yo can find for like 7-8 days out of your work like and just relax.


There are so many places that we never consider to go out without families but let me tell you that you can capture so amazing moments with them that you are going to cherish for your entire life. Go ahead, take out some time from your busy schedule and go to these places to relax a little bit and most importantly to have fun. Busy schedule will be there for lifetime but a little outdoor activity with your family will give a lot joy.

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