5 Important Things to Know Before Buying Eco-Friendly Toys for Your Children

With the plethora of options that you get in today’s trending toys culture, it has become difficult to make the best choice on which toys are safer for your kids. This is the era of non-toxic and eco-friendly children. Only because a toy is labelled as ‘Green’ doesn’t guarantee the fact that it is appropriate and safe for your children.

These days, toys are being recalled due to the fact that they contain harmful toxic materials which can cause severe damage to the health of your child. Plastic toys have chemical softeners, puzzles have formaldehyde which is a carcinogen and teddy bears comprise of flame retardants. Here are additional things to consider before buying eco-toys from some of the best online toy sites like Honeybee Toys. Check them out.

#1: Do your bit of homework on research

Majority of us feel the shortage of time and as you balance your personal life and work life, you might rush into few quick trips to stores to get birthday gifts for children. But before you visit the stores, make sure you do your bit of research. Check the notices for toy recall online as they’re published via Consumer Product Safety Commission. There are online sites which even tell you about the toys which are safe for your child. Go through such information and base your decision on what you learn.

#2: Go through the labels of toys carefully

It can be a cause of headache when you have to go through the labels of to, particularly when you’re shopping with your child. Most of the labels have international symbols which have some meaningful information hidden behind it. Hence you have to get acquainted with the meanings of such symbols. Avoid toys which comprise of lead, phthalates and bisphenol A.

#3: Go local

At the present moment, more than 3/4th of all toys that are sold in United States are usually manufactured in different countries. Most of the toy suppliers are from Australia, Canada, Europe and Japan which have high safety ratings. China is the biggest manufacturer of toys and this is a country which is rarely concerned about environmental and safety concerns. Hence, you should try to buy local products as they will take care of such things in a better way.

#4: Opt for the best material

It is simple to recognize the main materials which are used in making a toy. Resolve to yourself to avoid plastic toys as they always contain toxins which are harmful for your baby. At the least, you may choose toys which are made from safe plastics or which contain a label of 1, 2, 4 or 5. Selecting toys that are made of organic materials like organic textiles, unpainted wood like cotton or hemp or bamboo fibers is advised. When toys are printed, ensure that the ink is natural.

#5: Repurpose or recycle your toys

Did you know that you can use your eco-friendly toys in lot of DIY projects? This helps your kids in accomplishing few of the developmental milestones of life and also keeps them mentally and physically engaged.

Therefore, now that you know the essentials of buying eco-friendly toys for your kids, you shouldn’t choose to forget them. It is always safer to buy the best things for them.

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