5 things to do when in Mussoorie

There is one thing for sure that you will experience when in Mussoorie- there will be no dearth of activities for you to try out. There are so many places to visit and so many things to do here that Mussoorie will fully keep you occupied for the number of days that you stay here.

If you want to enjoy a long and comfortable stay with a view in the hill station then look for rooms in the best hotels in Mussoorie. They might cost you a little more than the rest but it will surely provide you with the relief and relaxation in the hills that you are in search of. Mussoorie is a land of many relaxing activities, and hence, if you are wondering what you might try out when here, then here are five great options that will surely catch your heart:

  1. Mussoorie is all about the quiet strolls and the lovely afternoons and evenings. Well, if you want to enjoy that perfect stroll in the hills, then do take the Camel Back Road since this is one of the most famous walk ways of this hill station. It is about 5-6kms and you will be able to enjoy just the right amount of tranquillity that you are in search of. The best part about the Camel Back Road is that, the first proper dwelling, a shooting box was made by Mr. Shore on this very road. Thus, it has an historic appeal as well.
  2. The next thing that you should try out when in Mussoorie is trekking. A trek to the Gun Hill. This is the second highest peak of this hill station and you will get to experience a lovely sight of the surrounding vales and hills as you go forward on this trek. If you are not too keen on trekking then you can always take the ropeway to the Gun Hill which promises to be an adventure on its own.
  3. A walk around the mall in the evening or late afternoon is also another must try activity when in Mussoorie. The mall is a very integral part of any hill station, it being the store house of all activities and the tourist heart of the hill station. When you are looking for cheap hotels in Mussoorie do locate the ones near the Mall since that will increase your accessibility and you will be able to enjoy a lovely view of the hills at all times.
  4. Another walking track that you can try in Mussoorie is the one that end in the Cloud’s End. This marks the end of Mussoorie and it is about 6kms away from the library of this hill station. It is a very beautiful road to check out.
  5. If you are thinking about planning a picnic in Mussoorie then there is no place better than the Company Garden. Filled with flowers and hilly trees this well-maintained garden is truly a must visit place in Mussoorie.

So, these are some of the top 5 activities that you can try out in Mussoorie. There are more actually, which you can find out once you visit this lovely hill station!

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