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5 Tips to Make Cheap Art Look More Expensive

Certainly, art can elevate the entire look and appeal of your place manifolds. There is nothing which can come closer to a piece of classic art by any means and this is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer adorning their spaces with beautiful art pieces. However, purchasing enchanting artworks can turn out to be a costly affair. So, does it mean that people on a budget can’t make their spaces look beautiful? Absolutely not! This article brings to you tips and tricks which will help you in making your inexpensive art look like a million bucks.

Whether you have recently brought an affordable art piece or you have some paintings in your house, here are some tips that can help you make them look way more expensive than their original cost.

  • Frame it well:

    Frames have the magical ability of letting the painting look classy. A simple portrait can look like a posh piece of art as soon as it is mounted on a lavishly crafted frame. Unlike paintings, frames aren’t extremely costly and you can find huge varieties of them. This gives you a wide variety to choose from. Frames with intricate detailing look more expensive than the ones with broad figures. Depending on the décor of the place and your painting, you can choose a frame which compliments both the things beautifully.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall!

    Since time immemorial, mirrors have been used as a posh item to elevate the appeal of a place. The royals had them at their places and so can you. You can take mirrors in different shapes and sizes, either framed or unframed, and place them alongside your affordable art pieces. This trick works really well with small sized paintings. You can choose to hang multiple mirrors around portraits and paintings to give them that classy appeal. In addition to this, mirrors reflect light and this can help in making your space look more spacious.

  • Play with colours:

    You need to understand the colour theme running across the entire space. If you have an affordable art piece which is bright and colourful, then it would look great against a light coloured wall and vice versa. This is a basic rule, but you can improvise it as per your choice and personal taste. You can mix colours with other colours; shades falling in the same colour family; pastels with pastels. Seriously, the choices are unlimited.

  • Wallpapers are your best friend:

    Another way of making your painting look expensive is by increasing the visual appeal of the wall on which you will be hanging it. Wallpapers are the perfect tool which can do justice to the task. You can use elaborate wallpaper which complements your décor and the painting. The main idea should be to make the wall look like a million bucks. Anything which you place over an already beautiful looking wall will end up looking visually appealing.

  • Company matters:

    Remember when your mother used to ask you to have a good company as it defines you? Yes, the same logic applies to paintings as well. If you want your affordable art piece to look expensive, then an easy way to do this is by placing it alongside an already expensive thing. Whether it’s another painting or a piece of furniture, the beauty of that piece will help your inexpensive painting elevate its appeal.

Adorning one’s place has to do less with money and more with creativity. You don’t need to spend a bomb on acquiring the finest painting in order to make your space look like a million dollars. You can purchase affordable art from multiple sources and can make it look like an expensive piece straight from a Hollywood movie by innovating it.

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