5 Ultimate Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light is always a better choice relative to artificial light. It helps in making your room full of light, letting you to be cheerful, increasing your serotonin levels, and most importantly, costing nothing!

Lamentably, many properties are not designed keeping natural light in mind. Sometimes we have to make adjustments to let the sunshine enter into a place. Here we’ve summed up some ultimate ways that can help you increase the flow of natural light into your home.

  1. Try White for Eaves

The eaves on a house roof are used for serving different purposes ranging from helping you manage the rainwater system of your abode to allowing the excess air to get escaped from the attic. Either they are covered with a horizontal soffit or are left open, they reflects natural light into your place. For boosting the flow of natural light into your home, it’s necessary to paint your eaves with white color.

  1. Install skylights

Skylights are the best and effective way to bring natural light into your home. Best of all, they requires less or almost no maintenance, thus lead to no heavy expenses. Skylights come in numerous models and varieties letting you make your selection as per your need, though one must reach the right Skylight Supplier.  With so many choices available, there is no doubt that skylights are the perfect option to bring the brightness into your home.

  1. Make use of lighter and brighter wall paints and ceiling paints

For reflecting natural light back into your room, wall colours also plays an important role. White is the best bet as it provides more brightness to your room. Even if you hate it, nothing is better than white. Now decide what you want? Color or light!

  1. Make use of highly reflexive or glass tiles in your bathroom or kitchen

Another best way to brighten your spaces like bathroom or kitchen is the installation of glass tiles. Instead of glass tiles, installation of highly glossy ceramic tiles can also help in terms of light reflection.

  1. Replace your wall space with glass or window

While replacing wall with glass is not an easy fix, but it can bring a fair amount of sunshine to your home. Usage of glass will not only give your spaces some style but also let the natural light flood in your spaces. However, installation of glass is not a structural alternate for a wall, so it is recommended that you must install headers over the glass block section same like anyone would do with any door or window unit.


There are plethora of benefits to bring the natural light into your home like it can reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and organisms in any house. To take the benefits of natural light, you can make use of the aforementioned ways totake your living experience to the next level. Don’t forget to shoot your opinion in the comments section that which of the suggested ways you find most interesting to let the natural light come into your home.

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