7 Exotic Holiday Destination to Enjoy in Spring Season

Traveling is always a pleasure, although sometimes it is appropriate to fix the destination depending on available dates for a visit, or vice versa. Avoid natural phenomena such as monsoons or torrential rains and flee from the high temperatures are some of the issues that will take you to a darker a destination or another depending on when you travel. If you are lucky enough to be able to organize a long trip in the spring, then it is best to consider these 7 destinations that we have collected for you. I enjoy a lot more of them!

  1. Thailand

Why travel in spring?

Coincides with the dry season, the monsoons hit Thailand from July to November and March you can enjoy pleasant temperatures in most parts of the country. If you are traveling in April temperatures will be warmer and the best option would be to go down to the coast and enjoy the sea breeze.

On Thailand: Southeast Asia and specifically Thailand are becoming the must see of the moment, the place to which all the world travels. Therefore, it is best to balance the Route with destinations and other hidden places.

Highlights: The temples of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, the buddhas of ayuthaya and the wonderful beaches of Railay are some of the must-sees of Thailand, a destination that combines sports, culture and gastronomy.

  1. Myanmar

Why travel in spring?

March and April are the warmest months in the country – the temperatures reach 38ºC in the center – but they are also their sacred months. They welcomed the Thingyan or Festival of Water, coincides with the beginning of the New Year Buddhist and also with their national holiday.

On Myanmar: On the border with India and Thailand, Myanmar, also called Burma, is one of the most unexplored countries of Southeast Asia. The military dictatorship under which the country was up to 2010 it has kept him away from mass tourism and many believe that it is the last unexplored gem of the Southeast (set formed by Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, East Timor and Vietnam)

Highlights: Yangon, known for its stupas and pagodas, Bagan, for its impressive temples and trips in balloon, the endless beaches of Ngapali and Nyaung Shwe, Inle Lake and the unexplored Myeik Archipelago in the Andaman Sea, are the must see the country.

  1. Japan

Why travel in spring?

Cherry blossoms are the most attractive and pleasant temperatures enjoyed by the country in the spring months make it one of the top destinations for travel in spring.

On Japan: The land of the rising sun is, without doubt, one of the places with more contrasts. The hectic day-to-day of the big cities contrasts with the tranquility of places like the Gardens Kyoto or the islands of the south of the country.

Highlights: The Mount Fiji, the Mori Tower in Tokyo, the Tories of Fushimi Inari, visit the Nara Park and feed their deer and of course, eating sushi at the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo are things that any traveller to be missed.

  1. Chile

Why travel in spring?

It is the best time to visit the country because it has not yet started to get cold and the temperatures are pleasant.

On Chile: It is a country with a considerable length; therefore plan a trip to Chile will require good organization and a lot of patience.

Highlights: The highlands of Atacama, the beaches of Pichilemu, the explosion of color of Valparaiso or the Torres Del Paine National Park are some of the top places to visit.

  1. India

Why travel in spring?

From February temperatures are on the rise up to the pleasant 25ºC. March is a good time to visit India, while from the end of April, the heat can be excessive.

On India: It is not a country for all audiences, the bustle of the cities can be exhausting, cleaning does not meet European standards and there are many tourists who have suffered the “Indian”, less hospitable than that of the inhabitants of Southeast Asia. However, its culture and its incredible landscapes are worthy to see and admire.

Highlights: The Taj Mahal, Ajanta caves, beaches of Goa and Kerala, as well as the city of Mumbai and Varanasi, are some of the must-sees destination of the country.

  1. Cuba

Why travel in spring?

Away from the hordes of tourists from June, July and August, and with less likelihood of hurricanes that the months of May and September, travel to Cuba in the spring is synonymous with peace of mind.

On Cuba: The colors of its streets and its recent openness are turning to Cuba in the country par excellence to visit before it loses its essence.

Highlights: The streets of Havana or the idyllic beaches of Vardar are two of its major attractions, but don’t forget places like Trinidad or Camagüey.

  1. Sri Lanka

Why travel in spring?

The celebration of the New Year to mid-April and the pleasant climate in the north and east are the main reasons to visit Sri Lanka in spring.

On Sri Lanka: Not excessively tourist resort, this country located in the Bay of Bengal combines culture and beaches. Ah and elephants, many elephants.

Highlights: The National Park of Malawe Uda, the temples of Anuradhapura or fishermen of the Galle Fort are some of its attractions, although beaches like Negombo and Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna are also a must.

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