7 Ways You Can Save On a Car Rental

Do you always go on trips for either business or recreational purposes?

If so, then renting a car might be a wise financial decision. Hailing a cab might initially seem like the cheaper option but it can add up. Plus, it can be hard to get a cab during rush hours. It’s better to go for Autorent which will conveniently give you a ride to any destination after a long, tiring day.

Prices of car rentals increase every year by around 20% every year. It’s inevitable because of fuel price surges and the increasing demand for efficient transportation.

But don’t worry. There are ways you can get a good deal and save on a car rental for your next trip. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Do plenty of car rental online research

There are plenty of available information online regarding different companies that offer car rental services. You can compare deals through websites like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Vroom Vroom Vroom, Bookingbuddy.com, and Carrentals.com.

You can also visit the individual website of each car rental company to check for promos and discounts. Give them a call to double check if the quote posted is correct. A little bit of research could save you some serious cash on your car rental.

  1. Use discount cards or gift certificates

Some membership organizations and credit card companies give out coupon cards on car rentals. You can use them if they apply to your next destination. Even a 10 % discount or a rebate can be a big help towards compensating for the increasing car rental costs.

  1. Take advantage of weekend deals and weekly rates

There are Autorent companies that offer low rate promos on weekends. Rentals are usually 50% cheaper than the weekday rates. If you have a flexible schedule, it might be better to travel on a weekend. Also, take note that renting a car on a daily basis would cost you more than renting one car for the whole week.

  1. Check out other off-airport car rental deals

Expect that renting a car located at the airport to be more expensive than usual. That’s why it helps to find a car rental that’s located outside or near the vicinity of the airport. They are usually more affordable while still being convenient for you.

Some major hotels also provide free pickups from the airport. Be sure to ask them for more information so you can grab this opportunity for a free ride.

  1. Go for alternative car rentals

You can expect excellent service from big rental companies, but they do not necessarily have affordable rates.

If you are open to the idea of hiring smaller, regional or local independent car rental agencies, try to book and avail their service. They often have lower rates compared to big national chains.

Some of these regional car rental chains include Fox Rent A Car, Triangle Rent A Car, Midway Car Rental, and Ace Rent A Car. They may not always be the most convenient choice, but they are great companies with reasonable rates.

You can find smaller chains and independent Autorent agencies in Carrentalexpress.com or by asking for recommendations from your accommodation.

  1. Book in advance

Nothing beats an early bird. As soon as you determine the exact travel dates, book a car immediately. This should be done weeks before your vacation starts. You can always cancel, usually without penalty, so there is nothing to worry about if the schedules change.

If you wait until the last minute, you won’t get a lot of discounts. Similarly, you might not get the type of vehicle you want.

  1. Set your preferred price

When your budget is tight, you can check out websites such as Hotwire.com or Priceline.com. They allow you to set and lock your price so that they can find a car that fits your budget. If you are not too fussy about the car you will drive, these are good websites to rent a car.

Avis, Alamo, Hertz, and Budget are some of the car rental companies that provide vehicles to these websites.

In case you want really good deals on car rental services, check BCS Auto.

Ending notes

With some diligence and persistence, you can certainly save on a car rental. Follow the aforementioned tips to enjoy a hassle-free and budget-friendly travel!

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