8 Great New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2018

The new year is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to make that list: not your Christmas list, or Hanukkah list, but a list that will change your outlook and your life. We’re talking about your new year’s resolutions list. It’s a time for you to reflect on the past year, think about what you wish you’d done differently, and make new goals for the new year.

And if you’re serious about these changes, the most important step is going to be to write them down. That’s why it’s important to figure out what they are and make an actual physical list–it’ll hold you accountable for accomplishing these goals. But what if you’re not sure what they should be? Just check out this list to get inspired.

1 Be a better listener

We’re always so busy these days, so worried–especially during the holiday season–that it can be easy to forget one of the most important things we can be: good listeners. If you think back through this past year, you can probably think of a time when you could have been a better source of support for a friend or family member. So in 2018, make sure you’re there for someone, whether that’s with a cup of tea next to them or scheduling a Skype call from across the country.

2 Be grateful

It’s easy to forget to be grateful. Even though Thanksgiving was only a month ago, it’s pretty likely that you’ve forgotten by now what you said you were grateful for at that family gathering. That’s why, in the new year, you’ll want to make sure you write down what you’re grateful for at the end of each day. To get inspired, check out these tips for keeping a gratitude journal.

3 Pay less attention to the news

These days, the news can really bring us down. So if you’ve found that the only thing you do is watch the news or spend hours reading about the stressful times in our world on your phone–it may be time to put the phone down. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with listening to a podcast to stay aware of what’s going on. But obsessing over the news is so 2017, and it’s time for a change.

4 Relax more

It’s also easy to forget to relax. Oftentimes, we focus so hard on what we need to improve about ourselves or about our lives that we don’t take a moment to stop and smell the roses. But without some time every week dedicated to taking a bubble bath or going for a walk with your favorite playlist, you’re going to lose perspective on self-care. Especially after the stress of the holidays, and the pressure you might be putting yourself under with more goal-oriented resolutions, you’ll want to make sure you remember to treat yourself.

5 Be healthier

Just like relaxation, being healthy is an important part of self-love. So you’ll want to make sure that you eat well, exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week), and make some time for mental health, too. Are you a smoker? Quit smoking, or see a therapist about how to do it if you can’t do it alone. Another option is to use e-cigarettes, such as those sold by Juul–which means you won’t have to quit nicotine, but you won’t be putting your health at risk anymore.

6 Save money

It’s also a great idea to cut down on spending. Especially after the costs of travel and buying gifts in the holiday season, you’ll want to sit down and put together a yearly and monthly budget. Come up with ways to save money, new strategies, such as the ones on this list.

7 But spend money, too

However, saving too much in the new year is just going to be unhealthy, too: after all, sometimes you need to let go and spend money on things and experiences that’ll make you happy. For example, if spending a little extra on your home security system helps you sleep at night, then you should spend a little extra on it. The same goes for clicking on any of those tempting Facebook ads that sell that Christmas gift you wish someone had thought to buy for you.

8 Read more

This one’s a real old-fashioned one, but there’s something to be said for taking some time out of every day, or out of every week, and sitting with a book by the fire, sipping a cup of tea. And if you want to make it more of a social occasion, you should consider starting a book club–so if that’s something that interests you, take a look at these steps on how to start one.

What about you? Are there any new year’s resolution ideas you think people should try out in 2018?

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