Tips for Buying Medicines Safely from Online Sources

Surfing the net to Buying Medicines is convenient and cost saving. But it is not always superior to buying drugs from your local pharmacy.

Online medicine purchase India is often convenient and in some cases, less costly way to stock up on drugs that you consume regularly. In case your there is a prescription benefit via your insurance policy, you will get a co-pay, no matter where you shop- local pharmacy or online.

In case you have to bear the expense of your prescription drugs or require drugs not covered by your insurance plan (example- costly patented drugs not yet available as generics), shopping online can save you much money.

But you must take precautions and shop around to ensure your well-being and health are not compromised by toxic or counterfeit drugs. Use the following tips to ensure you actually save money and get legitimate, high quality prescription medicinesonline:

  • Shop around:

There are many online sites that allow you to search for the drug you require and do a comparison of prices at several online pharmacies. At the same time, it is not always possible that online prices will be lesser than those at your local pharmacy. There are wide variations in prices at various pharmacy chains, single website or stores of a pharmacy chain. You need to do comparison shopping by checking with several sites and stores.

  • Ascertain legitimacy of online pharmacy:

Do verificationwhether the online pharmacist is licensed and ready to answer all your doubts and questions. Also, the site must need a doctor’s prescription or that by any approved medical professional. You may be required to mail in the prescription or get your doctor to call or fax the prescription before buying drugs from a legitimate online pharmacy. Verify the specific instructions of the website.

  • Buy from a licensed pharmacy:

The ideal situation is that the pharmacy site should have certification by National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Those online pharmacies licensed by the NABP will feature a blue seal reading VIPPS referring to Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site. Log into the NABP website for list of licensed online pharmacies. The pharmacy must not trade in any drugs prohibited by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940.

  • Plan in advance:

You should prepare at least 2 weeks in advance for processing of your drug prescription. If you don’t get order in time, you may require a fill-in, the expense of which you have to bear out-of-pocket since most plans of prescription do not cover expenses for more does than the amount prescribed.

  • Beware of foreign pharmacies:

Since you buy online, there are chances that you will be buying from foreign pharmacies. Buying from foreign pharmacies may be risky and in some cases, even illegal.

  • Check for contact details:

A good and legitimate online pharmacy will provide contact details and customer service after the process of purchase. Look for contact address and number of such websites so that you can get in touch in case of any future problems. You must not trust an online pharmacy which does not provide contact details.

These are some tips for smooth online shopping medicines in India. Keeping these tips in mind, you can seldom go wrong in buying medicines online.

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