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A Journey Every Remote DBA Expert Should Make: Exploring the Core ofthe Oracle Enterprise Manager 13C

It’s time to celebrate and feel alive! The Cloud Control 13C from OracleEnterprise is now available to rewrite the history of remote database management. OracleEnterprise Manager is possibly the only DBMS that can manage, supervise and monitor the performances of all Oracle databases as well as other heterogeneous databases. Its functions include database change and configuration managements, provisioning, data masking and data subsetting.

Did you know? October 2016 saw the release of the latest version of OracleEnterprise Manager with Cloud Control features. This is an integrated platform that allows the monitoring, managing and backing up of all databases, infrastructure, middleware and hardware that are fully functional and running in the cloud or even on-premises. All the built-in performance features of Oracle database are accessible through cloud control.

For all the Oracle users, it offers two add on packs for the database performance management –

  1. OracleTuning Pack for Oracle database
  2. OracleDiagnostics Pack for Oracle database

These packs have the secrets to optimization of Oracle functions. They can guide the users through the Tuning process of performances. It is heavily reliant on wizards and advisors for the same. All remote DBA experts can now use the Enterprise edition 13C to capture all the importance performance metrics including CPU time, number of reads and writes and I/O wait time for each function.

What is the OracleTuning Pack?

The OracleTuning Pack for the Oracle database is extremely cost effective and a very effective solution that automates the complete application Tuning process. Now, as we have been observing, it is apparent that this is achieved through real-time monitoring of all active database operations and built-in Tuning advisors.

Why do we feel the need to optimize application performance Tuning?

For remote DBAs application Tuning is the goldmine of optimized operations on the current database. Just like poor management and business strategies devised for land-based business affect the net sales and reputation of the entire company, its customers and its employees. A badly tuned business application can affect more than a few users who are directly using the database. It can be extremely expensive for a business who is trying to get their financial and official data organized. This is the prime reason most businesses invest a sizeable amount of their capital on remote database management systems.

It should be easy for you to visualize the exponential growth of data and information with the expansion of a business. A good DBMS should be scalable. It should have the features to manage the forever growing volumes of data. This is now aided with the performance Tuning tools that extend the shelf-life of the hardware involved and optimizes the uses of the resources involved in the process.

What is the purpose of the SQL Tuning advisor?

Quite similar to the Oracle database Tuning Pack, SQL also has a Tuning advisor. This Tuning Advisor automates the SQL Tuning processes. The first step towards turning a SQL is the identification of the poor SQL that is taking up the lion’s share of the resources. In this case, real-time SQL monitoring that came with Oracle Database 11g is extremely efficient in identifying the weak SQL.

A Tuning advisor for SQL explores all possible outcomes to deliver the best possible SQL statements. It can analyze database statistics, elapsed time, CPU time and review access paths in addition to examining SQL structures, review alt AQL access plans and profile the SQL.

What is the specialty of the OracleDiagnostics Pack?

This is one of the first complete lifecycle management solutions of the remote DBA industry. This Diagnostics Pack has a complete set of real-time, automated performance Diagnosticshoned into the core database engine. It is also allied with the OracleEnterprise Manager. This is true if you are managing one or multiple databases.

This is another complete and cost effective solution for managing your live Oracle database environment. It provides all users with an Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor, Automatic Workload Repository, Active Session History and Data Dictionary Views.

The OracleEnterprise Manager is not restricted to Oracle database only. it can manage a slew of other heterogeneous databases like IBM DB2, Sybase ASE and Microsoft SQL server. This is majorly achieved through the use of a myriad of plugins. These are both authenticated and compatible with the existent Oracle DBMS engines that extend the OracleEnterprise Manager 13C’s functionalities beyond the conventional Oracle databases.

The performance management features for the individual databases vary according to the engines and functions. It is of prime importance that the specific functionality of each of these DBMS isreviewed by the OracleEnterprise Manager for the management of any other database in addition to the Oracle databases.

In conclusion, Oracle is one of the very few DBMS that audit its users regularly and frequently. Now, it is well known that Oracle has introduced Tuning and Diagnostics Packs to go with its Enterprise management editions in 2016. But there are a few things most of us do not know that they represent a significant 25% of the entire cost of an Oracle database processor license.  We have compiled a “five pack facts” section just for you, to summarize what you have come across so far –

  1. Both the Tuning Pack and the diagnostic pack are available with the Enterprise edition of Oracle.
  2. For licensing a Tuning Pack you will need a Diagnostics Pack.
  3. If you are already using the Enterprise Manager edition of Oracle, you are most likely using the Tuning and Diagnostics Packs.

  4. It is not necessary for you to be using the EM to activate the pack licenses. You can activate a license event by simply accessing the underlying data.

  5. The counts for all optional packs and Oracle database licenses must match the metrics.

The OracleEnterprise Manager 13c can be licensed either on-site or in the cloud.

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