Abnormal Pap smear : One of The Unknown Disease To The New Mothers

When a woman gets pregnant, the body undergoes a lot of changes, to give the right nourishment to the baby the body releases a lot of hormones which sometimes if released in large amount can be harmful to the new mother; hence it is highly recommended to have a regular check up done during the complete 9 months.  A baby is just a single cell in the beginning and slowly these cells multiply and form the different organs of the baby. But sometimes there is a condition that is noticed in the unborn baby, where the baby is seen with an abnormal growth of cells which sometimes lead to major risks, abnormal Pap smears during pregnancy is quite a common thing these days.

Let’s understand what is pap smear

Pap smear is a condition when some extra cells are found growing on the mother’s cervix, this pap test is done as a part of routine tests, this is quite mandatory as this abnormal growth of cells might lead to Cervix cancer which is quite a dangerous problem. This condition is usually caused by certain types of viruses which are generally sexually transmitted.

Symptoms: The symptoms that are noticed if there is abnormal pap smear

  • Sores, blisters, lumps, rashes on or around the genitals
  • A discharge from the vagina which is abnormal, generally a change in colour, texture and odour can be seen in the discharge.
  • Pain, burning, itching in the genital area while you physical intercourse or while urinating.

What increases the risk?

There are numerous reasons behind the growth of pap, which includes physical intercourse without the use of condoms, or have physical relations with more than one partner increases the risk of HPV and which in turn increases the risk of an abnormal pap smear. Smoking and having a poor immune system can even lead to a risk of an abnormal pap.

What if an abnormal pap smear is noticed while pregnancy?

This is quite a risky situation for the new mother and the unborn baby, as this is a condition that leads to quite serious problems with the mother and this being the reason the mothers are suggested to undergo a regular check up. Even some doctors suggest if you are about to plan a baby one must undergo a regular pap test at least a year before so that if there is even quite a less chance of abnormality, it can be treated before the baby is conceived. But what if abnormal pap smear while pregnant is noticed that? No need to worry, there are quite good tools and medicines that are available, which can stop the growth of the virus until the time the baby is delivered and once the baby is out, the mother can undergo a proper treatment for this.  Further, it is also said that once the baby is delivered the risk of Pap smear automatically reduces as the child birth will wash away the extra cells and hence reduces the risk.

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