Actions to Take if You Experience a Car Accident During Work

Actions to Take if You Experience a Car Accident During Work

Your employer might have been asking you to use the company car to deliver an urgent package to their client or to go to a meeting in one of your satellite offices some miles away from your company’s main headquarters. However, while you’re in the middle of fulfilling your work obligations, you suddenly get caught in an accident with another vehicle. You’ll want to shake your initial panic off and take these actions if you experience a car accident during work.

  1. Treat the work-related car accident that you got caught in the same as one that happened to you outside of working hours.

The only difference between a car accident on the job and an accident during personal hours is that it happened to you while you were running on company time. Thus, you should take the following steps once you become involved in a work-related car accident:

  • Seek medical attention for any physical injuries that you’ve sustained as a result of the said incident.
  • Don’t leave the crash site.
  • Call the police and wait for them to arrive before giving your best recollection of the events that led to the work-related car accident.
  • Don’t admit fault or say sorry to anyone.
  • Ask for the contact details of the other drivers involved in your work-related car accident as well as those of their respective insurance providers.

  1. Inform your employer about the car accident as soon as possible.

The car that you drove at the time of the vehicular accident belongs to the company where you’re currently employed. It makes sense, then, for you to notify your employer about the accident as well as any injuries that you’ve received. These injuries instantly make you qualified to file for workers’ compensation.

  1. Submit a workers’ compensation claim to your employer.

Instead of paying your medical costs out of your pocket after sustaining injuries from a work-related accident, you can let your employer do it for you once you’ve filed your workers’ compensation claim.

  • Your employer will review your claim, accept it if they find that your injuries are worth getting compensated, and then start covering your medical costs through their insurance provider. They will also cover your lost wages if you’re unable to report back to work for a certain period.
  • However, if your employer keeps on rejecting your claim, you should consult a lawyer, who can ensure that you’ll earn the compensation that you deserve.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, work-related vehicular accidents cost employers in the United States up to $65,000 dollars for every nonfatal injury and upwards of $600,000 for every death. Thus, your employer may have been telling you to drive the company car responsibly during your working hours, as they stand to lose much of their profit if something untoward happens to you.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are while using the company car, accidents happen. You should take the above-listed actions if you experience a car accident during work, and consider yourself lucky to have survived a harrowing incident like that.

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