Should i Add An Online Booking Option To My Website

Online trading has without doubt, boomed over the last several years with figures showing that 77% of internet users made a purchase online in 2015. More people than ever are shopping online and statistics suggest that anywhere over $1.2billion worth of business is conducted every 30 seconds online. With people spending so much extra time doing business online then you may be missing out on extra business yourself by not having an online booking option to your own website. While you are not selling products and receiving immediate revenue, you may be able to benefit asking your web design in Stockport provider from adding this extra feature to your online presence.

Keeping Your Audience’s Attention

Consumers are often fickle and this can be especially true with online customers as there is simply so much choice available to them. If a customer cannot find what they are looking for on your website then just a few click later they are on someone else’s website finding what they were after. Your website needs to keep the focus of your audience so that they eventually use your services. By adding a booking option to your website, you can ensure that your customers focus remains on your page. Research suggest that new visitors only stay on your website for around 2 and a half minutes so in that short time you need to be able to relay your message and give your customers a quick way to book with you while you have their attention.

Don’t Get Left Behind

80% of holidays are now booked online and over 50% of event tickets are also booked and purchased online. The modern consumer wants to be able to book and often pay for services and events online as it is often much quicker and people’s lives have become increasingly hectic. You may find that by not including a booking option on your website, you may lose custom to rival companies who do offer this service as it has become what customers expect. We live in an age where customers expect immediate results and so you may fall behind by not offering an immediate solution.

Take Advantage Of Impulse Actions

Many online shoppers often buy things on impulse in the same way someone might pick up some last-minute items from the check-out displays. By offering an online booking feature on your website you can take advantage of the last-minute impulses of browsers as they peruse your website. If all you have are contact details such as an email or phone number, the urgency and impulse to use your services may have died down by the time the customer really thinks about getting in touch. Strike while the iron is hot and encourage your website visitors to use your own booking page at every opportunity.

It’s a Quick And Easy Addition Which Has Immediate Results

Adding a booking option to your website can be done relatively easily by someone who specialises in website design and once it is made live, you can begin to see results straight away. Your website won’t need to be offline while the page is created so you won’t experience any loss of revenue and once the feature is added you can expect to see immediate bookings. You can then choose to add some extra content throughout the rest of your website, directing traffic to your new booking feature. This will encourage customers to book now while they are already online.

So, for a relatively small outlay and hardly any disruption, you can add a new feature to your website which has a range of benefits and can help you to increase your bookings.


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