Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Gold Jewelry Online in India:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Gold Jewelry Online in India:

Most people come and ask me before they buy gold for wedding. Wedding purchases are always huge in quantity and this increases the amount of investment and hence you should double check yourself when you are purchasing. One stigma which I would like to break is, why not buy gold online for the wedding? We understand that your shopping cart value is going to be in lakhs of rupees but at the same time, why don’t you buy it online. Let us see some of the challenges people face when they think of buying gold online:

  • The willingness to spend lakhs of rupees and waiting to receive the product can be a bit scary as there is always an insecurity associated with it.
  • This is again a continuation of the first point. Quality of delivery and damages to the jewel.
  • Difference between what is shown and what has arrived. Gold jewels are strongly associated with their physical appearance to the person who uses and hence the exact match of what they saw and they had arrived is very important.
  • Price is also a factor of trust among Indians. Online retailers come with a variety of offers and cashback and hence the price of the jewel is lesser than a physical retailer. Now, there is a trick here. People believe that whichever is cheaper is not of good quality and when it comes to a luxury like gold, price defines its quality.

The above were some of the fears which people generally face when it comes to buying gold online.

Now, let us see why you should buy gold online. There could be multiple challenges when buying gold online but let us look beyond all these challenges and see what really it means to buy gold online. In reality, there is no challenge when you choose the right player to buy your gold online. Yes, the right player out there would have already done their right share of research on the fears which people face while buying gold online and how they can address these issues much effectively. Here are some of the credentials some of them promise while you buy gold online:

  • Certification of quality – these certificates of the highest form and would not be available with a physical retailer easily. Many times these are international certificates which can also promise a buy back your jewel after a period at a cost which is more or less equal to the amount you had bought the jewel for. From gold ring to gold bracelet all the products come with proper validation certification it will associates.
  • Certificate of delivery – we all know that delivery is a fear when it comes to buying costly products online. But a good online gold seller will come to give the certificate of delivery which promises a complete cash back and promised delivery duration.
  • Price is another differentiation factor which bring people to buy gold online. Not only gold, even if you see a diamond ring price, it will be lesser than what is offered online.

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