Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Pre-owned Cars

As more and more people better their lives and join the ever-burgeoning middle class, it is but natural that they would like to aspire to the best things in their lives. And one of these is likely to be a premium car for their daily conveyance. There are a large number of premium cars in the market, but they are priced beyond the reach of the middle class. To get around this insurmountable problem, more and more people are looking at the second hand route to buy a car of their dreams that are in good condition.

If you are interested in buying pre-owned cars, then are several reputable dealers who can provide you with a well-maintained premium car. And when you are talking about premium cars then, the one brand that gets everyone’s attention is the Audi. It has been observed that in the mid-segment category the used Audi A4 is currently one of the fastest selling models in the pre-owned car market.

There are only a few second-hand car markets where you will find used Audi A4 dealers in Delhi NCR. The reason behind this is not hard to see. None of the owners of this beautiful-looking car wants to part with it so easily. Its looks, comfort elements, superb engine and top of the line safety features make this car on of the most popular car on the road. This 5-seater sedan is 4726mm in length, 2022mm in width and has a height of 1427mm. These dimensions make it a very comfortable ride with adequate head and legroom for all the riders. You can buy this fantastic sedan from Audi’s stable with either a 2.0-litre diesel or a 1.4-litre petrol engine. Both of these motors are attached to an intelligent 7-speed transmission system that this car to zoom to its maximum speed of 237kmph.

If you are impressed by the features of this car and want to buy a used Audi A4 model, then we urge you to take note of the pros and cons of buying a second-hand car. Here we are giving you a complete list of DOs and DON’Ts that you have to follow before buying a pre-owned car.


1). Do a thorough research about the car you intend to buy; its features, price in the market, any complaints regarding that brand and the after sale service.

2). It is wise not to opt for any financing deal from the dealer as they may come with hidden costs and few strings attached. If you don’t have adequate cash then try to arrange financing from your bank.

3). When you buy your used Audi A4 make it a point to test drive the car. If there are any flaws in the car, it will be revealed in the test drive only.

4). Take a mechanic with you to thoroughly check the car. There might be some big issues with the car that is not visible on a casual inspection. That is why it is prudent to check the car minutely before putting your cash down for it otherwise you may have to pay a hefty repairing cost of the car later on.

5). Check the paper works of the car.


1). Don’t buy a car from an unlicensed dealer.

2). Don’t pay anything extra for the add-ons that the dealer is trying to pass on to you like protective covering, credit life insurance, conveyance fees and others.

3). Don’t bargain with the ticker price that the dealer has put on the car. Make sure that you bargain for the price that you have researched online.

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