Attract More Visitors with Portable Displays at the Trade Shows

If your business participates in several trade shows and business expos regularly to showcase your brand, then you should invest in highest quality portable displays for the maximum impact. A good-quality display can not only increase the footfall of visitors at your booth but at the same time, will save a lot of money too. The portable displays are easy-to-install, are extremely durable and reversible.

So, you can use the same display on multiple occasions. Also, you can easily carry them on your own without incurring additional shipping costs.

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Find out the advantages the portable trade show displays offer:

  1. Easy assembling: Gone are the days when you need assistance while setting up your booth and wrapping it up later at the end of the show. With these modern displays, you hardly need anyone to help you setting up the booth. With the aluminium pipes and easy-to-follow instructions, you can quickly set up the entire booth without any tools.
  1. Reduced shipping costs: You don’t need to incur huge shipping costs to transport the display to the location of the venue. The displays are portable and compact that comes with a mobile shipping case. So, carry the case wherever you go with the display perfectly packed inside. It also prevents the display from the possibilities of damage due to mishandling.
  1. Awesome graphics: The displays are printed with vibrant graphics on best-quality material that are durable and reversible at the same time. The four-way stretch fabric is washable and wrinkle-free so it can be reused several times without the colors fading out.
  1. Reversible: The feature to print on both the sides makes the displays more versatile increasing its usability. By investing in a 10×20 display, you can actually tap on to four different audiences showing different content at the same time. To know about the features in detail, visit
  1. Cost-effective: The portable trade show displays are affordable too and the prices start at only $799. That means you need to invest only once and continue using the same display on each trade show you participate in for several years. This is certainly a more cost-effective solution considering the longevity and portability of the products.
  1. Strong and durable: The Valencia systems are sturdy and durable, allowing a 15 pound TV to be mounted on it with wall clips. As mentioned earlier, the fabric is washable with a wrinkle-free finish. So, you can use the display multiple times in various trade shows and expos and it will look new every time.
  1. Wide range of options: There are a wide variety of models and sizes available for displays or accessories like counters, kiosks, shelves and media stands. Choose according to your purpose and resources.

There are many cheaper options available on the market but none can beat the quality of graphics and material used in these portable displays. So, choose wisely and create optimum brand awareness with more visitors attracted towards your booth.

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