Avoid the Top 10 Human Resource Management Mistakes for Better Business Growth

The Human Resource department is supposed to keep the entire team of employees together. They are required to keep the spirits up and at the same time look after the need of the employees. They are also required at the same time to hire and bring in more champions into the team; the induction of new talent is also an important function of the HR team.

Hence with that wide range of tasks to undertake, an HR team need to have some definite human resource management strategies in order to tackle the day to day issues and challenges which employees and the team at the office faces.

Sometimes however, the HR team fails to deliver and falls short in multiple departments. No matter how serious the issue be, make sure it’s not as serious as these 10 mistakes which would seriously halter the growth of your company. Most of these being:

  1. Being too intrusive:
    For an HR, being intrusive and micromanaging ever small task of the employee does not bode too well for an organization. With an intrusive behaviour the employees somehow believe that the authority has very little faith in the ability of the employees. Somehow this also not let a leadership culture develop.
  2. Being Biased:
    As an HR executive it is important to not let your judgement be clouded by having favourites and giving them favor. This could come in any form from providing leaves to giving biased ratings. An impartial place to work is any employee’s nightmare. There is no growth in such a place for them and they will quit the first exit they find.
  3. Spending a lot of time with employees:
    While it is good to hang out with your fellow employees, it may not be such a great idea to spend long amounts of time with them. Indulging too much with an employee and being friendly with them will make you lose authority over them. It is therefore important to maintain a balance between being friendly and professional.
  4. Lying while recruiting:
    HRs have a huge role to play while hiring talent. It’s a core part of their job. Thus it is important to make sure while negotiating, you don’t over promise or oversell your company by lying to the candidate. A rejection is fine but if someone finds out they’ve been lied to, it won’t go great for your company’s image and your workplace.
  5. Not having rules written down:
    HR executives are also known to make a lot of rules in the workplace. A lot are written down but some are just unsaid. Don’t make that mistake; have every rule written down precisely well and with details keeping in mind about the said rule. It is about time someone would come and break it and ask it to be written down; you can avoid it all beforehand.
  6. Not updating profiles:
    Lives change at a rapid rate for both the company and the employee. While companies grow bigger and better with a couple of possible moves, employees might do that too. Sometimes a phone number becomes obsolete, other times the entire database has to be changed due to their entire family moving around; never lose that information. Keep making every change in the profile of the employee. Your management would not appreciate the same if you don’t do it and one day you won’t be able reach the employee during an emergency.
  7. Not Imparting trainings:
    One thing as an HR executive that you should keep in mind is to never stop training your employees. A company taking care of Human Resource management services on demand had an input on that. According to them, if an employee doesn’t see proper growth and trainings being given to him, he would not stick around for long.
  8. Making haste:
    During the hiring procedure, it is important that an HR executive doesn’t quickly tries to hire someone. No matter how talented or perfectly a candidate seems to fit the profile at first, let everyone go through a system of checks to make sure you aren’t making a mistake. Hiring a wrong candidate is worse than having an empty chair.
  9. Not delegating proper task:
    While micromanaging is uncalled for and not a good practice, it is equally bad of a decision not to impart the right kind of task to an individual. Without the right kind of direction, employees might not feel well directed and might fall prey to wasting a lot of time trying to look at it. You can’t have them that sort of time on your time.
  10. Idea on employee privacy:
    The privacy of an employee is a serious matter. All the documents and the information that is given to you are to be taken care of with extreme care. It is very unprofessional if personal or private data or information is given out during a conversation and can definitely hurt an employee’s trust and faith in the company.

Hence to make sure your company keeps rising like it has and even faster than that, not to make these mistakes. An HR team is capable of handling the huge company well on their own; the above would just help to do that better.

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Emily Gilbert is a professional blogger and writer.She has a great interest in writing and she loves writing about technology, health, lifestyle, education, business and latest trends on the market. Currently, she is working for Movanti, a company that provides human resource management services to organizations.

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