B612, let your selfies do the talking


What is B612 App for?

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera is an app made by the Snow, Inc that modifies or masks your normal camera into something very exciting. As the manufacturer’s claims, you must have some fun while taking special photos of the moment in just one click. It also features over 1500 different stickers that let you express yourselves more prominently. It also features a unique facial recognition feature that captures your face and transforming it into some cute animal like ears. It also has a variety of filters and drawing option to let you edit your photos just the way you want, along with this it also enables you to make fun videos within the app itself. There‚Äôs this beauty effect too which is embedded in the program that detects skin and enhances them to look better and brighter. So, these are some of the significant features for which B612 is famous for. And some of the other features includes collage maker, boomerang effect and many more.

What are the in-app permissions that B612 ask for when deployed for the first time?

There are some major in-app permissions that it requires to function smoothly. These are: –

  • Access to a camera device and its features like a flashlight.
  • Access to speakers and microphones when recording videos.
  • Read and write from storage locations like external or internal memory.
  • Access to network information and sockets for location determination via GPS.
  • Access to features like vibrator and screen display.

What is a B612 watermark?

It is generally a symbol consisting of the B612 logo or ready-made designs that appear on the lower right-hand corner of the photos or videos you take through the app. There is a whole bunch of watermarks option to choose from the given list and choose the one which suits the best for you. Also, you can remove the watermark, from the in-app settings option.

How many types of modes come within the app?

Several modes come within the app itself. Some of these are: –

  • Hands- free mode: – this mode enables the user to shoot a continuous video for 60 seconds without having to keep pressing the record button. It also lets you change filters or stickers while recording.
  • Touch mode: – this mode enables the user to simply click pictures by tapping the screen instead of tapping the click button everytime.
  • Boomerang mode: – this mode enables the user to shoot a series of photos that later play back and forth giving a boomerang effect.
  • Reduction mode: – this mode takes scaled-down photos that are useful in making collages.

On what platforms does the B612 app available on?

Generally, the B612 app is available on both the Google Playstore as well as the Apple App Store. You can go straight into the app markets and directly install it over your phone. Or there are means too. Like downloading the B612 free download.apk file from the third-party app hosting sites. And installing it manually into your device.

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