Benefits of using IFT Therapy

Interferential current therapy is a kind of therapy which is very much effective and it is an option which is mostly used by the experienced physiotherapists in order to relieve their patients from the excruciating pains they are suffering from.

It is said that, most physiotherapists use this process so that the patients get healed quickly and this process also accelerates the self healing process. It helps the patients to get back their healthy body and healthy self after they have faced any kind of injury. It helps them to get back to the pain free state. In this therapy a high frequency of signals are sent through the skin around the affected area so that the deeper lying tissues of the muscles get those signals and then starts healing from the root.

This therapy is mainly used by the physiotherapists and so they always have a query regarding interferential therapy machine price in India. They can always buy these machines from the medical equipments selling store or can check on the online sites which sells the same.

Now, the question is; how this machine works. Well, in this therapy the electrodes are placed on the patient’s skin around the injured part of the body. After the electrodes are placed the current device starts transmitting the electrical impulses through the skin. But this is at a very minute quantity. Once the electrodes start getting transmitted, the tissues and the nerves underlying gets stimulated and slowly the healing properties start working. If you ask, that how much painful the entire process is, then it does not invoke a little amount of pain in the patient while the process is being used on them. But yes, the patients may feel a minor prickle on their skin (that too only on the affected part) when the therapy is done on their skin. It is said that the frequencies that are sent through this interferential therapy sessions actually help to stimulate the endorphins and these endorphins are the natural pain killers of a human body. This as a result, start creating the self healing g process and the best part is; it does not need any medication. This kind of therapy is extremely beneficial when it comes to reducing joint and nerve pains along with enema and spasms.

The basic benefits of using this therapy machine in injury:

It reduces or eliminates your body pain safely.

There is a noticeable decrease in swelling and inflammation of the injured area.

It restores lost movement and improves restricted movements and coordination.

This therapy stimulates the natural hormones which can help your body heal faster.

It is considered by many experts as a highly effective form of treatment for chronic pain and thus it is used widely on patients.

This stimulation is very useful in the treatment of circular and muscular disorders and also in joint pains. The Interferential Therapy machine (IFT) is thus used majorly by the physiotherapists in order to treat their patients who are suffering from pains.

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