Best Animation Company in India: Here’s All You Need To Know

The animation is an art, which has strong ancient roots. People have tried depicting reality by putting together several images before several centuries in Egypt. We can call the modern animation industry a brainchild of the same art. The modern-day animation is capable of captivating our complete attention to convey stories or to make a piece of information more attractive.

Several enthusiastic firms are already in the race of being the best animation company in India. The Indian market has seen a sharp increase in the availability of skilled resources & technological aids to create world-class animations. Let us try to understand the mesmerizing functions of an animation company more deeply.

How the Magic of Animation Happens in Modern Times?

Creation of animation is a fascinating process. In brief, the process consists of stages such as idea development, pre-production & ultimately post-production. The overall concept, theme & characters are conceptualized in the idea development stage. The subsequent work is being done around the process of converting the idea into a tangible layout.

This includes scriptwriting, storyboarding, character development, backdrops, layout design/theme & voice support (If needed). This stage creates a platform for the entire animation result. The actual production stage is conducted using techniques such as blending of animations, tweening(creation of intermediate frames), scanning, compositions, coloring, backdrop preparation, sound recording, editing, testing & more.

The effective execution of this stage decides the fate of the outcome quality. After the actual production is done a using technique such as editing, special effects, color corrections, voice editing & ultimately rendering. The rendering delivers the animation by converting data into raster images.

The Animation Industry Brief: India

The animation industry has become a very worthwhile domain in India. It has witnessed an overall 20% growth rate (animation & VFX combined) basis for the recent report from FICCI. Several budding smart young people are joining this force to make it more ingenious & vibrant.

With the onset of the technical advancements in the industry, the training part has become very much achievable for fresh talent. The current scenario suggests that animation is no longer just a supporting arm of the entertainment business in India. It has been granted prominence of being an independently contributing industry for various facets of the market.

We all have known & loved the popular animation characters such as Mickey Mouse, Stuart little & Donald Duck. For a long time, these characters were like an identity of the animation industry across the world. However, the entire scenario has seen a radical makeover in recent times. The latest technology in animation domain has mastered this art by combining text images, graphics, audio & much more to create mesmerizing animations. Several companies, which are loaded with skilled resources &infrastructure, are operating like a creativity reactor to support this rising demand for quality animations in numerous facets of the market & society.

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