The Best Cloud Object Storage Services

Cloud storage offers some of the best alternatives to regular storage whether for business or personal use. If you find that traditional storage using hard disks is too expensive, unwieldy, and difficult to manage, you might want to use the flexibility and convenience of cloud storage. Another major reason to use cloud storage is the reduction in costs. Here are some of the best cloud storage services on offer.


A long established web hosting company, Go4hosting services offer affordable cloud storage for businesses. With its secure, cutting edge data centers, and instant provisioning, this company offers quick service and 24/7 technical support. Also, it offers several data backup plans, to help secure your data against tampering, or accidental damage. The company relies on smart disk technology to offer the best storage.

Google Cloud

There is hardly any internet user today that does not know about this search engine giant. Almost everyone who uses the internet uses Google, either to search for specific terms, or to use many of the services associated with Google. Few people, however, may know that the company also offers cloud storage services. These services are ideal for small businesses, but may also be used by larger business thanks to the different storage plans on offer. The storage plans are based on how often you use the data, and where the data originates. Also, data can be gradually moved to archives as their relevance reduces over the course of time. This ensures that your cloud storage can be optimized and only relevant data is supported. Also, this ensures that you do not have to pay extra, for hosting data you do not need anymore.


Another tech giant, this time in the ecommerce space, offers massive amounts of storage for cloud users. The downtime is barely there, and the company offers a guaranteed 99% uptime. If you are looking for storage that is accessible at all times, then this might be the most reliable choice. The system is designed to offer capacious storage, and no matter how many users are utilizing the service at any given time, the system does not falter. If you need this kind of reliability for your personal or business needs, then Alibaba is another familiar brand that offers cloud storage. Also, Alibaba offers higher levels of security, to protect against denial of service attacks. For businesses that are worried about targeted attacks crippling its online operations, this will be the right solution.

Since users are cost conscious, Alibaba offers a pay per use costing model. You can choose as much resources you need, or as much storage. You can scale up if your resource requirements increase, or let go of the resources when you no longer need them. This can help users save plenty of money, ensuring that resources do not go waste.

Rackspace Cloud Files

Rackspace is already known for its data backup solutions. As such, using the cloud storage offered by Rackspace might be the natural thing to do for many users. This service functions not only as storage, but also as a profile for users. If the user makes the files public, they can use it to create an online profile. They also have the option of keeping their files hidden, and use the service simply for storage. Also, the service is suitable for content publishers looking to sell their content. It allows the publisher to host their file on the system, use a URL to direct select buyer or recipient to the link for download. The URL can be set to perish after a few hours, so that the file download can be controlled.

The service also offers specific tools for content management systems. For businesses and people dealing with content heavy sites, this would be one of the best solutions on offer.

IBM Cloud Storage

IBM is a long established name in IT services. Any listing of the best cloud storage services would be incomplete without IBM. Like Google, the storage plans are based on frequency of data use and location. People who want to access data from within a particular region can subscribe to the basic plan, while the second plan can help them access data hosted anywhere. There is massive 20GB data free, subject to conditions. This helps save money, if you subscribe to the basic plan. That said, all plans are paid plans, but with free data on them, businesses and people can save money. For businesses that are looking for reliability, an established name with long experience might be the right choice, and IBM offers what users need.

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