Best Organic Hemp Oil You Can Actually Buy

Understanding the Real Meaning of Hemp Oil that is truly Organic

To understand the growing of organic hemp crops, you must know, other farmers and we have grown crops without the application of any of the following. However, this is not enough to call our oil organic.

. Pesticides

. Synthetic Fertilizers

. GMOs (genetically modified organisms

. Radiation

. Sewage Sludge

Organic gives the product a higher nutritional value because there is the absence of all of the above-listed harmful ingredients. This absence of harmful ingredients allows for naturally increased production of phytochemicals, meaning vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These good things naturally repel bugs and weeds from over-taking the crop. Organic products do cost more because organic farms are smaller in size and these farms take more time to produce crops. It is for these reasons that FunctionalRemedies grows organic crops. This company dedicates goals to providing their customers with the best of the best hemp products through our unique patented process. One of this company’s superior products is Organic Hemp Oil.

The Confusion about the Processing of Hemp into Oil

There is a difference sometimes in the meaning of ‘Natural’ versus ‘Organic.’ Because a product advertises as natural never means it is organic and in the world of hemp products, advertisements for ‘Organic’ may not be created equal. There is a difference between our meaning of ‘Organic’ and another company’s meaning of organic products due to our unique patented processing techniques. It took years for us to excel in excellence and we did not come by organic products easily. It is our unique process by which this company can provide such excellent and unsurpassed Organic Hemp Oil. Again, it took years of development and research to find a unique processing plan that provides customers the best oil.

Finally, a Unique Processing Development

This company had to figure out how to preserve the naturalness of products finally figuring out a process called lipid infusion. This process uses none of the routine procedures found with other companies who extract the CO2 with high pressure or chemical solvents. These methods by other companies significantly decrease the all-vital phytonutrients of the product. Our unique lipid infusion process never uses harsh chemicals or CO2. Many products on the market can withstand these methods, however, hemp cannot. Through the lipid infusion process, we produce the highest-quality hemp oil available. We discovered that our product delivers oil with four times more vitamins and nutrients than any other brand, because of our unique infusion process. Third-party laboratory testings substantiate our claims to fame for the best and highest-quality Hemp Oil available today. Access FunctionalRemedies for more answers to all your questions on our unique proprietary lipid infusion process then place your trust in the best hemp product available. We are not afraid to claim our Organic Hemp Oil as the most superior product your money can buy, creating new health and wellness.

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