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Which is better: CloudOYE Cloud Hosting, Google Cloud hosting or CtrlS Cloud hosting?

More and more businesses are steadily shifting their data and applications to the cloud. According to some surveys of IT experts undertaken by the reputed McKinsey and Company, many enterprises are quite serious about making this move. Below are three leading cloud hosting solutions providers and you can make your choice after reviewing their plans, features and prices.

CloudOYE: CloudOYE has been one of the leading cloud hosting service providers ever since the year 2002; this is why it is also rich in experience. The experience allows this company to understand client hosting needs better. Therefore, they can come up with suitable solutions for your business requirements to improve business efficiency.

As far as support is concerned, CloudOYE is known for its outstanding technical support systems. All problem areas are promptly addressed and resolved through phone calls, emails and live chat facilities. There are handy knowledge base tutorials to help users resolve problems on their own. CloudOYE boasts of a multi-layer security system which is capable of protecting both your digital and physical assets.

CloudOYE offers the latest technologies for their 006Eew-generation hypervisors. These have also been powered by the dual Xeon processors. The company makes use of the NetApp technology to enhance performance through a Tier III structure. When you sign up for cloud hosting plans from CloudOYE, you can get resources much faster to cater to your specific hosting needs without spending a fortune on these. You only pay for resources that you use and nothing extra; so businesses can also reduce their IT expenses and upfront costs.

CloudOYE also offers many choices as far as networking or storage goes. You can have complete flexibility in choosing these and using them to offer convenience to clients in managing the cloud servers. The IT staff can also boost efficiency of different processes, focusing on the more important tasks instead of worrying about routine tasks.

CloudOYE also guarantee a high uptime of 99.95% in their Service Level Agreements. In case there are downtimes, these are deftly tackled by their 24×7 customer care support systems. Clients are free to manage and use data without risks because the resilient storage system allows them to retrieve data in case of loss or damage. These advantages make CloudOYE one of the best cloud vendors today having had 15 years of experience in this industry. It holds an impeccable reputation as far as offering quality hosting solutions is concerned; all their solutions are backed by powerful technologies. No wonder then that it supports more than 2000 customers.

Google Cloud Hosting: Google Cloud is one of multiple services that are offered by the Google Cloud Platform. Amongst their products are the App Engine, DNS, storage and CDN etc. The Google Cloud Platform has many physical servers and virtual resources such as the VMs or Virtual Machines that are present in their data centers all across the world. Each of their data centers is located in a continent and you can choose any one for WordPress hosting.

With Google cloud hosting, you can enjoy higher productivity. The systems can distribute the updates effectively and deliver functions promptly. Instead o introducing dramatic changes, Google allows manageable improvements that take place continuously. Employees are also free to work from any place on the globe because they can access data from mobile devices through the web based apps backed by Google Cloud.

Google Cloud also makes way for better collaborations because multiple users can access and contribute to projects simultaneously. Customers can also benefit from the physical security measures which are deployed by leading security experts for data protection. This is why minimal data gets stored in computers that are likely to get hacked when users stop using the web-based apps. Client enterprises can also enjoy higher reliability and uptime. When a data center malfunctions, the system falls back on other secondary servers so that services are not disrupted. Users can also enjoy control over data and technologies; they can own data in Google apps. When you sign up for Google cloud hosting, you can save on your operational and capital costs. To conclude, while Google cloud hosting has been successful in creating a major impact in mobile and web app development, its reliance on Internet connectivity is likely to hinder its future progress.

CtrlS cloud hosting: You can simply call their representatives to get quotations. The quotes are given on the basis of the kind of resources you will use. You may also use their online tool to get your preferred disk space or system memory or network capacity. It is said that this company alone has the capability to meet the resources of the most demanding businesses. They offer economies of scale so that the clients can enjoy competitive pricing. Whether the client needs endless cloud hosting power or huge volumes of raw computing power, CtrlS hosting will arrange it for them. They are known to offer out-of-the-box solutions and clients can create duplicated of VMs and store these to be deployed later. You are free to control and customize your cloud hosting services through their management tools and an intuitive interface. You can scale your resources up and down with a few clicks of the mouse.

CtrlS is highly recommended because their services are created on military grade frameworks called QuadraSecure for highest levels of security. You can fine tune the security arrangements for even better protection.

In view of these arguments it seems fair to conclude that CloudOYE offers the most affordable, flexible and effective cloud hosting services. They offer automatic backups and load balancing, on-demand resources, root access to their virtual machines and configurable firewalls.

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