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How To Book Cheap Flight Tickets While Travelling From Delhi To Pune

The city of Pune is one of the best places to visit in India. It is an educational and industrial hub where you will see a marvelous blend of modernism and Maharashtrian culture. Pune is the largest city in the state and due to its educational activities, many young’uns troop into the city on a regular basis looking to engage in one activity or the other.

Apart from the youngsters in pursuit of education, many IT professionals are comfortably residing in the city of Pune. Some of the well-known multinational companies are currently setting up shops in the city. Also, many tourists also come by every year to enjoy some of the tourists’ hotspots in the city. The food, fashion, music, etc. draws thousands of people regularly into the city.  In fact, if you are yet to visit the city, make it a must on your list because there are many things you stand to gain.

If you are presently in Delhi and wants to visit Pune, you can easily get Delhi to Pune flights at lowest airfare with the accurate information as you can get on The journey from Delhi to the city of Pune will take approximately 1hr 55 minutes. Every week, 188 flights leave Delhi to Pune. 8 of the airlines offer direct flights to Pune, and the distance between these two big cities is 1,158 kilometers.

You don’t need to panic about the amount you will spend on plane tickets because there are simple things you can do to cut down your flight ticket costs to the barest minimum. For a cheaper flight to Pune from Delhi, do the following things.

1.     Book Your Flight Ticket From Yatra.Com

Yes! At, you will have all the information about your flight to Pune. Once you visit the website, you can view and compare the prices of different airlines that are trooping the Delhi Pune axis. You will also utilize some of the discounts available from these airlines which you may not know unless you get it from the right place like yatra. If you run your search on Yatra, you will get all the search results we have put together for your convenience, and with these details, you will get the cheapest flight available.  Also, with Yatra’s Lowest Fare Finder Tool, you cannot miss the cheapest flights available from Delhi to your location Pune. The Finder Tool will also equip you with Delhi Pune flight schedules, in-flight amenities, baggage allowance and other offers available for students, special citizens, etc.

2.     Book In Advance

Don’t wait for a day or two before your departure date to book your flight ticket. If you wish to avoid the costs and hassle of last-minute bookings, visit the website and book like 45-60 days in advance. Long-term booking has always offered great discounts than short-term bookings. Since you are sure of your visit to Pune, book in advance and make it cheaper.

3.     Compare The Prices In Days And Months

If you want to utilize the cheap deals, you must follow calendar to find the right days and months to book a cheap flight to Pune from Delhi. From our investigations, booking a flight on Friday offers better deals than every other day. Also, the months of July is a month you can travel cheaply to Pune. If it is a business trip, you can utilize the mechanism of booking in advance but if you are traveling to Pune for holidays, utilizing the cheap days and months may be to your advantage.

4.     Get A One-Way Flight Ticket

There is a slight difference in getting a one-way flight. It will help you to save some dollars than taking a round-trip flight. The difference may not be much, but it matters. So for your trip to Pune, book one way from and save some cash.

5.     Book Your Flights Before Pune’s Cultural Events

Apart from the normal 45-60 day booking, make sure that you avoid the high cost of the holiday airfares by booking before the Pune Holidays and festivals. There are many cultural events which the city is known for every year. Festivals like Ganesh Utsav which runs for ten days from August-September. Also, December comes with the popular classical music festival at Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Sangeet Mahotsav. At this times of the year, people from outside and within India troop into Pune to join the festivities. I don’t need to tell you that if you book airfares at these periods, it will be costly. Therefore, if you are not for these events, visit the city afterward but if you want to join the festivals, book many months before the festivals.


A trip to Pune from Delhi need not cost much if you utilize the tips we have shared. For your departure, a flight to Pune will leave from Indira Gandhi International Airport at Palam which is 16 km from the center of the city and arrive at Pune Lohegaon Airport which is 10 kilometers northeast side of the city.

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