Bulat Utemuratov's Foundation Presented Medical Equipment to the Child Hospital in Petropavlovsk

Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation Presented Medical Equipment to the Child Hospital in Petropavlovsk

The foundation presented the regional children hospital in Petropavlovsk with brand new ultrasound stations, X-Ray equipment, and disinfection chambers.

The medical new generation equipment purchased for money that was raised during the Fifth Annual Charity Bike Ride. It will help doctors make timely and more precise diagnoses to the underage patients of the hospital.

Oleg Zavyalov, the chief physician, informed the media that the hospital received a stationary digital radiographic complex, an expert-level multi-purpose ultrasound scanner, and two disinfection chambers.

He said that the formal transfer of this equipment took place today, though they’ve been using it for five months. During that time, 4,212 children receive treatment at our in-patient facilities, 11,272 X-ray examinations were carried out at this hospital with 1,992 on the Samsung stationary X-ray diagnostic machine. 4,508 of 5,912 ultrasound examination were conducted on the UGEO H60 expert-level ultrasound scanner.

The head physician expressed his gratitude to the Bulat Utemuratov Foundation for such an amazing gift and noted that this equipment helps in making correct and timely diagnoses that oftentimes can literally save patients’ lives.

According to the Foundation, the money for this and other types of medical equipment was raised at the Fifth Annual Charity Bike Ride called Burabike which took place last year on the 19th of August. Over the course of five years, the participants of this bike ride donated more than 470 million tenge that were used to purchase equipment of various medical institutions for children, perinatal and rehabilitation centers, as well as for different orphanages all across Kazakhstan.

This year, Burabike will take place on August 30, in the grounds  of Rixos Borovoe hotel which is situated in the Schukinsko-Borovoe recreational zone. The participants and the guests at this event will be able to enjoy the bike ride on the 30-kilometers long track of an exceptional beauty. Moreover, they can enjoy other sporting events, a meadow picnic, a fare, and a charity auction. You can register for the ride at burabike.kz

Source: https://bulatutemuratov.com/

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