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Burger, The Universal Fast Food

McDonald’s Big Mac is one of the commonly known burgers among young folks. Big Mac is one of the signature products of McD’s. It is a safe bet for many college goers or young professionals as a fast food. The amount of fanfare and advertisement that went into making the Big Mac prominent even in the Indian context speaks a lot about the emphasis on burgers as fast food.

If one were to dig deeper, the burger existed much before the Big Mac made its foray, albeit in many avatars across the world. Even our very own vada pav from Mumbai falls into the category of a burger. Surprised!? What is a burger exactly? If we were to approach this question from an etymological point of view, it is basically a bun with a patties sandwiched inside. Some sauces, vegetables or cheese go along with it. A portion of French fries or a few chips are given as sides along with ketchup. The vada pav scores on all these elements. Does that explain?  It is only now that food delivery has made ordering burgers online a rage. Else, we already had access to it.

Just like us, people across the world have their own native versions of a burger. Originally called a hamburger, this food item provides for an interesting debate whether it is German or American. There are claims made from both sides. Thankfully food delivery doesn’t distinguish based country of origin, so the burger is available across in physical outlets as well as online. Popular as a fast food item, the burger is sold in diners, fast food joints. You will be surprised to know that the burger is sold in some of the best in class fine dining restaurants as a gourmet dish too. It is such popularity that has made it possible to order burgers online now.

The burger can be a main dish as it is quite heavy and fulfilling in that sense. It can be a signature dish. It can also be a side dish in the form of mini burgers. It is versatile in its form, taste and use. The bread or the bun used to make a burger can be customized to taste. It can be whole wheat, millet based, rye based and so on. There is no fixed rule about the contents sandwiched too. The patties can be pure vegetarian, meat based, a mix of the two or it can be plain and simple potato based. Traditionally the burger comes with a bit of lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. There are certain exotic burgers that use arugula leaves as well. In a nutshell, the burger can be what you want it to be. Food delivery business has made it extremely convenient to order burgers online that can be customized to the tastes and fancies of a customer. Food tech has taken the burger to a next level and made it a universal fast food.


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