Why Buying the Right Mattress Is Crucial for Health

You may have heard that we spend 1/3 part of our life sleeping and it’s not a lie. In fact, out of 24 hours in a day, 8 hours of sound sleep is extremely crucial for your physical and mental wellbeing. Some people ignore the importance of deep sleep and think that if they can stay up very late at night, it simply proves how energetic they are! On the contrary, lack of sleep leads to many health complications. Some people say that even though they go to the bed early, the sleep eludes them for a long time. They toss and turn on the bed and wait for hours before finding a sweet spot on the bed that ushers sleep. Well, the main cause of the problem may be your old mattress. If you wake up with back, neck or shoulder pain, then it is time to replace your old mattress.

Assess your current situation

If you have a spring mattress, then even just a little bit of wear and tear can lead to discomfort. In fact, according to experts, if your mattress has sixty springs in total and just five out of sixty lost their capacity to support your body weight, then you must change it immediately. However, foam mattresses are much better and thanks to the tiny air bubbles in the layer that can adjust with your body pressure, foam mattresses last a lot longer. However, if you bought the mattress 10 years ago, then it does not matter whether it is spring or foam, the time for a new mattress has come.

You should lie down on the bed and try to understand how well the mattress is supporting your body. If it feels like a wooden board, then you are supported under the hip and shoulder, thus, the spine remains unsupported. On the other hand, if the bed feels too soft, like you are sleeping in a hammock, then your shoulder is not supported. Both instances are not good for your health and thus, you need a new mattress.

Here are some facts that you need to understand before buying a new mattress:

There is no perfect mattress model:

Merchants may advertise that their mattress supports all body types and keeps you free from sweat at night, but don’t believe that marketing gimmick. There is no such mattress that supports everyone’s spines. It is all about checking various mattresses made by different brands and then pick the one that suits your sleeping style and budget. Read nolah mattress  review to clarify your doubts.

Determine your sleep style:

Each of us sleep differently at night. Some sleep on the stomach, while some are side sleepers. Side sleepers must avoid extra firm mattress because their body will start rotating to get proper support. On the other hand, the stomach sleepers need more support than side or back sleepers so that their lower back doesn’t arch.

Judge the sweat factor:

Do you get very warm while sleeping? Then you must avoid latex and memory foam mattresses because they retain heat quite a lot. Spring mattresses are the coolest because they allow lots of air flow. Always remember that good support of the back can be obtained from any type of mattress, irrespective of foam, latex, and spring. Therefore, the final choice will depend on how much you sweat at night.


You should lie down on the mattress at the bedding store to evaluate its quality and comfort level. If you can’t find anything perfect, you may ask the store owner to build a customized mattress for you. Some companies are offering customized mattresses to help their customers get exactly what they want. However, you must be able to spend a good amount of money for that!

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