How Can You Pass The ICICI Credit Card Eligibility Factor For Having A Card?

Nowadays a credit card is the most amazing or you can say the best creative thing in the financial world. You can use your card for various things for shopping, travel, dining or entertainment can say it’s a small tool with phenomenal offers. In the market, we know a credit card as plastic money which you can carry anywhere and purchase anything without having a second thought in your mind. The more you can use your card, the more you know the surprises which included on your credit card.

When you are planning to apply for an ICICI credit card, then you need to remember fewer things which are the most important part that is ICICI credit card eligibility. You need to submit your age documents which should be correct, and documents of personal details. First, we talk about your age factor, which should be 21 years and add-on cardholder age should be 18 years not less than that and maximum should be 65 years. They can also check your previous credit card history which needs to be clear otherwise your application will be rejected. Earlier we discussed age section, now talk about KYC. For documents have to share Identity proof which can be photo IDs such as Driving license, Voter ID, and Aadhaar card. For address have to provide Aadhaar card, Passport and Voter ID and one recent passport size photograph. If you want to know about income, you should have a regular source of income. This thing showing to the bank and gain their trust to payback all dues on time. The bank will verify all provided things, then give you the approval to get a credit card.

Now you can easily apply for your favorite ICICI credit card by online. Just need to visit the bank site, fill personal details and check documents. Then submit it, if all shared information has confirmed so to get approval for a card and within 2 to 3 weeks you have received your credit card.

Which Factors Can Affect Your ICICI Credit Card Processing?

Eligibility Calculator: To check your ICICI credit card eligibility, then follow a simple eligibility calculator which explain your factor. The eligibility calculator can help you to identify ICICI bank credit card eligibility within a minute, the bank can ask for your information to share. You just need to provide the general details about salary, employment, and previous credit history.

Income Of The Applicant: This is one of the most important parts while applying for a credit card, to stay assured of repayment capacity. Your repayment credibility gain banks trust and also get satisfied credit limit. Should the applicant have full capability to pay all credit card bills or other utility bill payments before the due date? It should be clear before having a credit card otherwise for that kind of things your CIBIL score will damage.

Existing Relationship With The Bank: If the applicant has an existing salary or savings account with the same bank, then it’s easy to get a credit card instantly. The bank can easily track your personal and document details from your existing account and also get other expenses.

CIBIL Report: In your CIBIL score, you should be in higher score achiever otherwise, cannot have a credit card with the high-interest rate. Before you are going to apply for a card, need to check online your CIBIL report. It would help you, to get your credit card instantly. The higher your score in CIBIL, the higher your chances to get a card. You can understand the credit score range which is from 300 to 900 and if you are getting less than 650, then not eligible for a credit card. 750 to 800 score shows your responsible behavior for credit card utilization.

ICICI bank has provided a various credit card with a variety of offers as per your requirement. If you are a shopaholic so have that pattern card, for travel lover provide attractive features card, for dining or entertainment also have a various card. The choice is yours which type of card you want, to fulfill your wish. You just need to keep in mind these things such as your age factor, KYC, and income. Always remember shared all information or documents should be correct because your one mistake can reject your application form without having a second thought.

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