Catchy Love Quotes for Him from Deep down Bottom of Her Heart

Catchy Love Quotes for Him from Deep down Bottom of Her Heart

Love quotes for him! Yes, this is not new for most of us. Since time immemorial, love existed, and despite the long history of love, no one can explain it correctly in words. The emotions we have towards each other always leave us wanting to express the secrets in our hearts and convey our feelings to our loved ones. We always have that burning sensation to express precisely and deeply how much we feel and care about them, but that expectation hit a dead –end due to lack of best words to use.

By good luck, lovers and poets have for the good part of centuries spend their time searching for the perfect words that can be used to express the love feelings. No more worry. You can utilize these well crafted and romantic love quotes for him that will make his days brighter and nights warmer by showing him how genuinely you love and care for him.

  1. You are the catchment of my happiness, the midpoint of my world and the whole of my heart.
  2. When I whisper to you the word love, it is not like a routine thing to me; I just want to remind you that you are the reason for my existence.
  3. Finding you rendered paradise useless, and I don’t know nee any more dreams as I have already found you.
  4. You are the last thing I think of when I retire to my bed and the first thought when I open my eyes in the morning.
  5. I see and smell your love wherever I look.You make my world.
  6. The number of days, weeks, or months you have been in love doesn’t matter, love is all about the intensity of love each extra day God gives you.
  7. If it were not for you, I couldn’t know what love is to date.
  8. You are my seventh heaven, and even if I get stranded on you for the lifetime, I will always be happy.
  9. I can’t help thinking about you, today…tomorrow…forever.
  10. When I look straight into your eyes, I see a mirror of my heart.
  11. This is what I want to do until the end of the universe.
  12. I‘m grateful for you for being my rainbow after the storms.
  13. I am so absolutely, ardently, scrumptiously, eye-popping, crushingly in love with YOU.
  14. God is giving me breath every day, but you are keeping me in love daily.
  15. My Guardian Angel, my life, my whole world, you are the only thing I want, stay by my side always, my love, my everything
  16. This morning I got out of my bed, and I was reminded of the value of life. I thought I had an obligation to show my appreciation to those who are so very precious to me. Thank you for everything you have done, and have a beautiful day.

Embrace these sixteen love quotes for him and your love life will be rejuvenated.

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