Corner Shower Screens are Also Better than Using Shower Curtains

Bathroom helps us stay clean and in a hygienic. After a long tiring day, all we wish is to run to washroom and indulge in refreshing cool shower. If then shower, now, starts giving you an unpleasant feeling then where will you retire to after toiling hard all through the day? Shower curtains most of the times happen to be a poor addition to your shower area in the bathroom.

It can also mess up your bathing experience with its ugly look. Even if your bathroom is not that spacious, Corner Shower Screenscan be attractive and convenient addition to your bathroom. You can choose any corner of your bathroom to install these corner shower screens and save your bathroom space. Even you can also customize these screens according to your needs and choose the frameless corner shower screen for your convenience.

Why Shower Curtains a Bad Option in Bathroom?

  • Regular and proper maintenance is required if shower curtains are used. Mold formation on its surface is not uncommon. So replace your old shower curtains with some frameless corner shower screens. You can easily maintain these screens in a normal way.
  • They do not look fashionable and does not attractively fit in a modern bathroom. They can deteriorate the overall look of your bathroom with their decades-old look.
  • Studies reveal that vinyl shower curtains that contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC) contain certain chemicals. These are extremely bad for human health and the environment around.
  • Shower curtains are not as durable as shower screens, and you need to change them after few months. To save this excess cost, you can replace them with some shower screens.
  • The need to replace shower curtains after a definite period of time adds on to user’s expenses. This is also not an economic choice. Investing on building and designing shower enclosure is a one-time investment that lasts for longer period.
  • Newly available vinyl curtains have been found to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), DEHP (a suspected carcinogen), and organotin into the atmosphere. These toxins are responsible to challenge human health, you can suffer from be-headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, and damage to the kidneys, liver, and central nervous system. To avoid these health issues, you must avoid using the traditional shower curtains and install a corner shower screen in your bathroom.

Need for Corner Shower

The need for installing a corner shower enclosure is very obvious when you have  the limited space in the bathroom. With growing population, the demand on land and property is increasing at an alarming rate. Not every person can manage finding a big and spacious apartment of house. Need for corner shower and installation of corner shower enclosure gets prominent then. Odd bathroom layouts might make it necessary for house owners to shop for corner shower screen.

Why Quadrant-Shaped Shower Screen Best?

Square and Rectangle shaped shower screen glass are also available, but many house owners are inclining towards buying quadrant-shaped glass shower screen for many reasons. The main reasons can be enumerated below like as follow-

  • Rounded suite or rounded bath space can best be complimented with a quadrant shower screen.
  • Apartments or houses with limited bathroom space can be best deal with a quadrant shower enclosure. A quadrant shower enclosure is a high quality, space-saving option for small bathrooms.
  • Quadrant shower enclosure can be engineered with detailed precision and latest contemporary features. Apart from that, you can also customize them according to your needs and they are also available in frameless designs.

Maximum quadrant shower enclosures come with just the curved face to clean and no whole panes of glass and door, unlike rectangular or square-shaped shower screens. This ensures quicker and easier maintenance.

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