Which Countries Are The Most Dangerous To Visit Whilst Traveling?

The rate at which the tourism sector keeps growing is unprecedented. Several cities that were previously unexplored have become a hub for tourists. Each year, millions of people throng into these locations and provisions are usually in place to make their stay comfortable. In fact, backpackers no longer spend a fortune while traveling abroad.

It goes without saying that travelers should be wary of visiting certain countries. This is due to reasons such as the possibility of natural disaster, a high crime rate, deadly travel diseases and political unrest. Most of the time, only a particular region of a country will be considered unsafe. Here are some countries that are known to be dangerous to travelers.

1.   Pakistan

Violence against some religious sects and terrorist bombing is rampant in this South Asian country. The majority of suicide and terrorist bombings are aimed at civilians, while terrorist groups attack foreigners. Several people are usually killed and injured during each attack. Another reason why it should be avoided by travelers is because foreigners are not allowed to enter many places. Serious environmental hazards affect Pakistan’s major cities as a result of substandard infrastructure.

2.   Kenya

This nation has a very high crime rate. Pickpockets, terrorists and armed robbers are usually on the prowl in most of the best tourist locations including the capital city of Nairobi.  Other things that make the African country unsafe for travelers are stabbing and grenade.

3.   Afghanistan

Terrorist attack and kidnapping are quite common in Afghanistan. Terrorists often target places frequented by foreigners and travelling by road is very risky. Their method of attacking victims keeps advancing every day.

4.   Chad

Chad is another country that travelers should stay away from. People are frequently kidnapped for ransom money all over the country. Apart from that, there is food scarcity and recurrent disease attack.Two years ago, the Islamic fundamentalist group known as Boko Haram started terrorizing the nation. The government is yet to find a lasting solution to the issue and things keep getting worse. Certain paramilitary groups, Al-Qaida and ISIS also pose a serious threat to the country. Border crossings are extremely dangerous particularly at the Libyan and Sudanese borders. This is due to the presence of minefields in such areas.

5.   Mali

This African nation is currently in a state of emergency. Nightclubs, hotels and other public places visited by foreigners are the target of kidnappers and armed robbers. The capital city of Bamako, Central and Northern Mali are the areas that are subjected to attacks by jihadist groups.

6.   Colombia

Despite the beautiful view of Colombia, it isn’t entirely safe. Some cities like Bogota and Medellin are not as dangerous as before, but caution must still be taken. There is a high occurrence of robberies, drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder and terrorist attacks along many highways. A significant part of the country’s remote region is controlled by a paramilitary group known as FARC and drug barons.

Learning a new culture, business and unwindingare just few of the reasons why people travel abroad.Certain situations may warrant you to visit any of these countries, but remember to take safety measures throughout your stay over there.

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