Data Center Migration – For Better Performance, For Increased Security And For Saving Cost For The Organisation

A data center migration is a process. It is a process of deploying and transferring the data center environment of an existing data center to the operating environment of another data center. This process of data center migration is a comprehensive process. This process involves systematic planning for shifting or migration of an existing data center to a new location or a facility or a site.

This data center migration is also known as data center relocation in many places, among many users.

About Data Center-

A data center is a location or a facility. A data center is a facility of providing with a physical infrastructure for storing or housing certain components related to networking service and storage of data. A data center is a facility comprising of computers connected with internet service and storage. This facility is used by other business or non-business organisations for organizing, storing, processing, and dissemination of huge amount of data. A data center must have sufficient physical space to house this big collection of IT equipment and the related infrastructure. A data center plays a very important part for a business organisation, as a business is classically dependent on the applications, data and the services contained in the data center, the business is related with. A data center is the central point and a critical asset for day to day operation of theses businesses.

A data center comprises of many things. It contains all manner of the Information Technology equipment. This equipment includes the subsystems for data storage, the servers, switches for the networking services, the firewalls and the routers. Data centres also have the cables and the racks for housing and interconnecting the Information Technology equipment. A data centre also has a system for power distribution and the power back up support system, in cases of power failure, the electrical switches and guarantee of uninterrupted round the clock power supply.  The data center also must have adequate cooling system, proper ventilation and network connectivity, with a very strong infrastructure of providing physical security to the data centre.

About Data Center Migration Plan-

A data center migration plan is the organising of the strategy by the organisation, for relocating the complex set of equipment, applications, systems, and the cables of the existing data centre to another location with nil or minimum disruptions.

Data center is needed to be migrated from one to another for an organisation for various number of reasons. There are certain steps to be followed to successfully migrating the data center-

  1. Before the migration of data center takes place, the organisation must decide as to what are the things those are needed to be relocated to the new data center. Instead of shifting the entire set up, it is an opportunity to discard the old equipment and rent or purchase new ones. After this decision, it is time to decide whether to move everything to be moved at once, or in phases.
  2. It is necessary to review the environment and the list of performing equipment, before unplugging the systems. It is also a must to make a list of what is going and what is staying.
  3. The organisation about to make a data center migration must gather up a proper team to execute the migration efficiently and effectively. The properly trained and equipped personnel must be ready in advance for execution of every task. This team must be efficient enough to minimize the losses in transit by proper packing of the equipment and by providing top level security while migrating.
  4. The data center needs extensive testing after the data centre migration work is over. Every equipment needs to be tested for proper functioning. The list of items and applications must be double checked for noticing any missing item during relocation.

Benefits of Data Center Migration-

  • The data center migration proves to be a cost saving project for the organisation, as this relocation must provide cost benefits to the company.
  • The data center migration into an updated infrastructure provides better security to the company’s IT infrastructure.
  • The data center migration definitely provides better efficiency as the relocation of data center is always into a superior, updated system.

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