An Overview || Short Guide On E Verify ITR [E-Verification Of Income Tax Return]

E-Verify ITR || E-Verifying ITR || ITR E-Verification || E-Verification Of Income Tax Return connotes to the same thing.

More likely, here we will discuss the same in the faith of verifying income tax return. Means that we will be illustrating a short overview of ITR E-Verification…

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Now, let’s turn a few pages, back!

Until date, time is a major concern in all!

Apart from this, the government is trying its best to get green and make the e-filing process completely paperless. But the need to physically send the signed ITR-V form to Bangalore was becoming an obstacle.

Therefore, to make the dreams come true, the government has emerged with a process called e-Verify ITR. Wherever ITR is verified through EVC (electronic verification code)

Let’s discuss the piece “e-Verify ITR” in detail…

E-Verify ITR (Income Tax Return)

Before executing it one should know — what E-Verification is?

Definition: E-Verification Of ITR means electronic verification of the ITR, where the taxpayer verify his/her tax returns via generating EVC (Electronic Verification Code).

Now, you might be glancing at the phrase – EVC.

Well, as mentioned above it stands for the — “Electronic Verification Code”! A code which is sent to your registered mobile number only.

On the other hand, It is no secret that verifying ITR (income tax return) is not a doodle (easy task)!

Apart from this, people are confused in selecting the ways to e-verify ITR.

Even they hesitate with EVC generation and often while posing EVC approved instruments.

Later to reading these paras, you might be looking for the types of E-Verfying ITR.

An image to illustrate the same is attached from the source – LeadingFile

Admirably you can verify your ITR (Income Tax Return) with the image representing manners, elaborated as –

1: E-Verify ITR Through NET Banking.

2: E-Verify ITR Through Aadhaar Card.

3: E-Verify ITR Through Bank Account Number.

4: E-Verify ITR Through Demand Account Number.

5: E-Verify ITR Through ATM Card.

6: E-Verify ITR Through E-mail ID & Mobile Number.

Getting back to the subject i.e; E-Verification Of ITR —

Here comes a twist, the E-Verification, from the known facts, can only be done after filing your tax returns!

However, if you’re not aware of e-filing the same, then, have a look at the steps illustrated as follows —

Successful E-Filing Of ITR (Income Tax Return)

An image to illustrate the same is attached from the source — LeadingFile!

It was all about successful e-filing of the income tax return.

But the work didn’t end here. Before filing it, one should know under which category s/he fall to file the same.

An image to make the things ease for you is as —

Later to this, one can opt to have the method and can overlook at the same through our official website — LeadingFile!


Here, in this blog, we have discussed the ~~ An Overview || Short Guide On E Verify ITR [E-Verification Of Income Tax Return].

Often we concluded its layout and the entire theory illustrating the process, types, etc. in detail.

They add value to any blog post. And, this leads to the end of the blog.

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