Winning Satta Matka Game

How Earlier People were Winning Satta Matka Game ?

Earlier days, Matka was also known as Satta and this is a kind of lottery which was played in many different parts of India. The origin of Matka game is from Mumbai in the year 1960s that the game started. This game of Matka was in existence even before India got its Independence. It is also known as the Ankara Jugar i.e. gambling of the figures. The pioneers of this game are Rattan Khatri and Kalyanji Bhagat they were the dogs who used to control the Matka business at Mumbai in India. In the year of 1962 Kalyanji Bhagat had started the Worli Matka in Mumbai but with the passage of time, Rattan Khatri started the New Worli Matka in 1964. There were small changes in the rules for both of them – Kalyanji ran the gambling for all the days in the week whereas Rattan used to run only for five days in a week.

This led to many bookies to open their shops near the mills and this was collected near Central Mumbai making it the center for Matka. With the intervention of police and them breaking down the Matka dens. The matka champions had decided to change their base from Mumbai to Gujarat & Rajasthan. The game of matka is such that if you are on a conquering celebration then you keep on winning but when you lose, it is really affecting. This game has more than Rs. 500 crores succeeding in the market by different people operating the gambling dens. Here are some simple tips which were following the earlier people and will help them to win better while playing the Satta Matka.

1) Picking the numbers

As it is a number game and therefore you have to be very careful while picking up your figures. You need to choose three figures that is between zero to nine and their after what you have to do is to add all three digits & the last digit of the added amount has to be taken along with these 3 products. This will be your first draw. then the same method to be repeated for the second draw and now the difficulty here is that in case of Satta matka player is allowed to select from the rate payouts of various options so it is better to select the digits which are multiples of three and therefore the probability of making the Jodi is much special as compared to other digits.

2) Fees

There are various agents in the Indian Satta matka game and they are eligible to make a commission of maximum 5 percent for the winning amount assumed for you. There are few who take 10 percent – they are the ones who easily fool you so make sure you do not pass commission of more than 5 percent.

3) Never bet highest.

This is the most valuable tip from all. Nevermore take a risk for the highest number which you are holding in your hand. Make sure you play slowly and regularly. Since the saying remains slow and steady wins the race. Every satta matka player needs to set mentality and examining satta matka game at the earliest by different matka tips from online or playing expert forums.

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