Study in Germany for International Students

Is the Education for International Students Free in Germany?

Believe it or not,there is no tuition fee for international students in Germany. Soft power concerns, Political scenario and Demographic hole in Germany attract hundreds of International students from across the Globe as no tuition fee is charged from them. And this statistics of students is increasing every year. It has proved as an opportunity for International students who are meritorious and poor. However, this elimination of tuitionfees is to some extent an alarming signal for other developed Economies in terms of loss of revenue from education.

Elaborating further, Proportion of people above 60 years of age in Germany is second highest in the world after Japan. So it wants a large chunk of young, energetic and skilled people to keep its economy going and give it a momentum. And almost one out of 10 students in Germany is an International student and 50% of International Students settle permanently in Germany. Germany still offers an 18-month post-study work visa for graduates who do not hail from the European Union. Consequently, about half of the International students in Germany remain in Germany after graduation while three in 10 stay there permanently.

Almost free education provided by Germany to International Students has proven a boon for its economy. It has become a source of Economic Growth and Development as it fulfils employment gap where demand for workforce is more and supply of workforce is less or workforce is over aged.

Elimination of tuition fee is not seen as an expense but Investment by experts and diplomats in Germany. International students build goodwill and positive image of Germany across the globe. Consequently, Germany has been positive and active in the international community. Though it invests a certain amount of its money in Education, they get worth more out of it. After graduating from Universities of Germany, international students become potential partners of Germanyfor future- this kind of global network is of strategic importance for Germany.

Comparison of Tuition fee and Jobs in high demand

While undergraduate fees are more than £9,000 a year in the UK, public universities of Germany charge just a few hundred Euros a year. (Private universities charge more). So International Student must check whether concerned University is Public University and Private University.

There are more advantages of living and working in Germany than disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is the language barrier. To start with advantages, the German economy is one of the three strongest worldwide. Moreover, the strong social security system protects the unemployed, sick, disabled, and theretired people.

Now we come to professions in high demand and seen in high esteem in Germany. A doctor in Germany gets lucrative salary and seen with high esteem.  Society not only appreciates and esteems doctors, but they are also well rewarded, the average salary for graduates being around €49,000 a year.

Germany is the hub of innovation due to its cutting-edge technological contributions in various fields, such as automobile, IT, X-ray, pharmaceutical industries, chemical as well as biotech and nanotech sectors. There is a shortage of STEM graduates(science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) that leadsto a consistently high demand for professionals from these areas.

There are a lot of opportunities of education in Germany. Due to the efforts of the government, Study in Germany for International Students has been made a lot easier. If you want to go to Germany for education or want to know anything about it, you can contact ISA Migrations.

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