Cooling Tower Systems

Effective Ways to Improve Cooling Tower Systems

Cooling tower systems have proved themselves to be one of the best cooling mechanisms time and again. Out of all the other cooling mechanisms, the cooling tower systems are the most efficient and cost effective.

But it is very important to understand how you can make sure that it stays efficient and works perfectly. It should work in such a way that it not only saves the energy but also keeps a check on the amount of water that is being consumed.

So here are some effective ways that will help you to make your cooling tower systems give optimum output!

Type of Cooling Tower

The first and most important step is to understand what kind of cooling tower system you own. That is necessary because if you do not know what kind of cooling tower system it is, you will not be able to understand the way it works. There are three common types of cooling towers in use.

If your cooling tower has a Once-Through cooling system, then it draws in water at once from a source like a river, absorbs the heat and then discharges it into the environment. If your cooling tower maintenance system has a Closed recirculating system, then the same water is reused and the heat is removed by putting it through a heat exchanger. Finally if your cooling tower system has an Open recirculating system then the process is similar to the closed recirculating system. But here the rejected heat is removed through evaporation.

Quality of Water

The next step is to understand the kind of water that is being used in your cooling tower for chemical industry. Depending on the kind of source water, the treatment of each kind of water may vary. But usually in every cooling tower system, there are three main areas where the water needs treatment. While the first one is the feed water that goes into the cooling tower, the second one is the circulating water inside the tower and finally the water in the cooling tower’s bleed to drain.

Materials being Used

After that, you need to learn what kinds of materials have been used to make the cooling tower. While some are made with fibreglass, others are made with galvanized or stainless. There are also some systems that are made of fiber-reinforced polyester. So make sure that you find out what the build of your cooling tower system comprises of.  

Working of the Chemicals

Next, check the amount of chemicals that are being used. The lesser, the better. If the amount of chemicals used increases, it poses a threat to the water. Hence this is an important thing.

Water being Lost

Finally, keep your eyes open for any water being lost in any part of the process. If it is, take immediate measures to reduce it to the least amount possibly. Every drop counts!

Keeping these tips in mind, check how well your cooling tower system is performing. If there is any problem anywhere, fix it using these tips so that the cooling tower system can work efficiently.

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