How to Effectively and Efficiently Heat Your Home This Winter

Once again, the Great British winter is very much making its presence known in homes across the country. For millions, the battle to keep things warm and cosy (not to mention economical) is one that continues for the length of the season. Which in the UK has a habit of being a pretty extensive one.

On the plus side, there are countless avenues to explore when it comes to effectively and efficiently heating your home this winter. Give thought to any of the following and you might find the winter weather at least slightly less difficult to deal with:

  1. Get to know your boiler

First up, take the time to learn how to use your boiler and your heating system in general properly. Rather than simply hacking away at it and constantly having your home shift from too hot to too cold and back again, learn how its various settings work and use thermostats to your advantage. Comfort and efficiency in the winter are all about maintaining the ideal temperature balance.

  1. Bleed your radiators

Bleeding your radiators can make a big difference by eliminating cold spots and improving efficiency. If unsure how to bleed your radiators, search online for a guide in accordance with the manufacturer and model.

  1. Upgrade your radiators

Even more effective still could be a complete upgrade of the radiators around your home. Typically speaking, the older the radiators and heating system in your home, the less efficient and reliable it will be. Explore the latest options with brands and ranges from Aeon designer radiators, Ultraheat – just two of the top names in the radiator market-  for heating efficiency and performance.

  1. 4. Aim for a comfortable temperature

Always remember that the temperature in your home should be comfortable, but not so hot as to have its occupants wandering around in their beach gear. A temperature in the region of 20°C is usually more than comfortable enough and could help you bring your energy bills under better control.

  1. Install a chimney balloon

If your chimney doesn’t serve any practical purpose, you can add an extra layer of draught-prevention to your home with a chimney balloon. Easy to inflate and install manually, you can always arrange for a balloon to be fitted on your behalf if unsure how to progress.

  1. Invest in fuel at the right time

Gas, wood and oil alike fetch very different prices at different times of year. So rather than buying on an ad-hoc basis throughout the winter and paying premium prices, consider instead stocking up ahead of time when prices are at their lowest.

  1. Dress your windows

The vast majority of heat that escapes the home during the winter does so through its windows and doors. As such, it can make a real difference to get serious with window dressings. Add an extra layer of protection with netting, an additional set of curtains or simply by investing in thicker curtains and keeping them closed.

  1. Eliminate draughts

Last but not least, pay close attention to all internal and external doors alike, making sure as many gaps as possible are effectively covered by whatever means necessary. Invest in draught excluders or get creative by making your own – either will make a big difference to the warmth and comfort of your home.

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