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Essential Hand Woodworking Tools for Your Workshop

Are you planning on starting a new hobby in woodworking? If so you’re going to need to get yourself some decent tools and equipments. What are the basic tools you need for your woodworking workshop? Here are eight basic tools that you any woodworker should have:

  1. Steel Squares

With this tool you can make accurate measurements. It is also handy when you need to make sure straightness and parallelism. You need both single and double squares. Some recommended squares are Starrett 13A Double Square and Starrett 13A Double Square.

  1. Hand Saws

Obviously you’re going to need these for cutting woods. You will need some dovetail , crosscut and coping saw. You may also want to buy a traditional Japanese saw. It cuts on the pull instead of push. When you buy a saw make sure that is has been properly sharpened so you can use it immediately. When you’re ready to upgrade to a versatile cutting machine, a bandsaw would be a good choice.

  1. Chisel Sets

A standard chisel set contains at least six common sizes: 26, 20, 16, 12, 10 and 6mm. Get a chisel sets where the chisels are made of high quality carbon steel. They are strong and keep their sharpness longer than chisels made from other type of steel. Some sets come with a box and other with leather storage roll. Just choose whichever suit your taste.

  1. Carving Tools

Instead of buying a small set of carving chisels it would be best to buy a large set so you will have everything you need when you need them. An eleven-piece carving tool would suffice nicely. Make sure the set includes v-tool, gouges and an assortment of chip carving knives.

  1. Wooden Mallet

A wooden mallet is an indispensable tool when you’re using chisels. You can get a good mallet for less than $20. If you use chisels a lot you definitely want to get one of this.

  1. Block Plane

A good block plane has a totally flat sole with sharp and thick blade. A bench plane made of A2 steel is preferable. It may take longer to re-sharpen but they are excellent for smoothing wood and stays sharp for a long time. Do not compromise with cheaper planes made from low quality steel. They get dull easily you will spend too much time re-sharpening them.

  1. Cabinet Scraper

A cabinet scraper is an excellent alternative to sandpaper. Once you learn how to use it properly getting a glass-smooth wood surface is a lot easier and faster than using a piece of sandpaper.

  1. Ruler

One 6-inch and 12-inch ruler will suffice. A good ruler must be accurate and thin. If you got $30 to spend get a ruler from Starrett. Thirty bucks may seem a lot of money for a ruler but for a Starrett it’s a decent price to pay.

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