Fasteners and Their Numerous Applications

In the vast world of plastic fasteners, metric grommets are widely used thanks to the material they are made of: TPE (thermoplastic elastomers).

Properties and uses of Thermoplastic Elastomers

TPE, better known as thermoplastic rubbers, is a type of copolymer, that is, a polymer mixture usually made of plastic and rubber with elastometric properties (with the ability to undergo large elastic transformations) and thermoplastics (with increasing temperature they become viscous). Most elastomers are thermosetting (once produced they can not be melted without undergoing carbonization, ie chemical degradation) while the TPE can be melted again to give life to other shapes such as cable and pass-through rings.

Single or multi-hole fairleads and cable glands

The main characteristic of these elements is that of passing through pipes, cables and, in larger dimensions, the pipes to protect them from wear. They are also resistant to atmospheric agents and temperatures (the operating temperature ranges from -40 to + 130 ° C), they have excellent elasticity and sealing properties.

But how are they used in practice? The single or multi-hole cable glands provide adequate protection to cables that exit for example from a sheet of a machine or from a plastic body, isolating them from the cutting edge and protecting them from vibrations or chafing. In this way there is a good aesthetic effect (there will be no more cables in disorder) and functional (protection against dust, rubbing, cuts, atmospheric agents, excessive heat due to the proximity to the machinery, etc.).

Industrial applications of cable glands

Nowadays the automation of industrial processes (such as testing and production) is no longer just a dream but a tangible reality. Today many industrial machines are partially or totally integrated with automated production facilities.

Despite the increasing presence of wireless controllers (wireless) and network through the Internet of Things (IoT acronym of Internet of Things), the wiring and the correct and effective management of cables in automated systems still play a very important role as in robotized lines or islands, in machines inside the production line, in the automated handling of materials.

The fields of application of these TPE products in the field of robotics and industrial automation are:

  • the insertion of the power cables and control cables through the robot body;
  • the insertion of power cables and control cables that go from the control panel to the robotized island;
  • the insertion of the control cables into the actuators (devices that allow indirect intervention on the functioning or control of mechanisms);
  • mechanical insertion and fixing of cables in cable drag chains;
  • inserting the cables in the control panels.

Fast Point’s products, thanks to the technical sheets that accompany them allow a quick and easy assembly both during installation and during maintenance. They also comply with safety standards, especially in the event of fire, with a self-extinguishing value according to UL-94 which defines the behaviour of plastic materials in the presence of fire.

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