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Four Qualities To Look For While Hiring Inbound Call Centre Agents

You might have the best tools and latest technology in your kitty, but when it comes to serving customers then you need something more than this. Certainly, a good software might do the trick but you definitely need competent people to implement it. A legion of tools and equipment with the top-of-the line features might sound like the best resource to have, but in the end your call centre will be as good as the agents present there.

The most celebrated inbound call centres which are known for their expertise have good technology but have even better agents who use the given tools effectively. The quality of service being provided by a contact centre is one of the biggest indicators of its performance and this eminence is directly related to the abilities of the agents who are delivering services.

You must be wondering why so much emphasis is being given to the quality of inbound call centre agents? Well, the answer is pretty simple. They are the ones who will be handling the most prized possession of any organisation- its customers. In addition to this, the customers who are coming to them can be at a very sensitive point (like angry, sad, inquisitive, etc.) and improper handling might end up worsening the situation to a great extent. There are so many ways in which the agents working at inbound call centres can alter the customer’s experience both favourably and unfavourably. This makes it extremely important for businesses to hire the right people so that minimum effort is placed in inculcating the necessary qualities. While you can teach some traits related to the job, there are others which are an indispensable part of a person’s personality. These personal qualities play an extremely crucial role when it comes to handling customers.

By means of this blog, we will try to highlight top potentials which you must look for while hiring inbound call centre agents.

  • Cool headed: One can’t emphasise upon enough on this quality. Maximum number of times, the calls which are received by inbound call centres agents relate to angry and upset customers. To handle such situations effectively, calmness is extremely vital. Agents deal with frustrated customers day in and day out. Keeping one’s calm when they are being shouted at by an irate customers isn’t a quality which is present in anyone. Thus, while hiring you definitely need to check for emotional stability.
  • Empathy:If there is only one quality which can make successful inbound agents, then it has to be this one. Mostly, customers reach out to reliable inbound call centres when they are facing any trouble. In such situations, the best agents are able to create a good connection which comforts the caller. Empathy is extremely vital in customer service as it makes the customer feel like they are being understood. Hence, if you want your customers to become loyal towards your brand, then it is of a great importance for your agents to empathise well with them.
  • Effective communication skills: This one is a no-brainer. Good communication isn’t just restricted to speaking well, but also covers the quality of being a good listener. You need those agents who are able to listen patiently, articulate the resolution and resolve the distress. An agent who grasps for words, doesn’t understand the intended meaning and isn’t ready to listen will be extremely detrimental for the health of the company. Therefore, good communication skills are one of the pre-requisites to look for while hiring call centre agents.
  • Time management: Customers are always in a hurry, so it is important for agents to have mastery in the art of time management. In the peak hours, the call volumes are excessively high. This pressurises the agents to manage multiple calls quickly while resolving the issues of customers. The agents don’t have the luxury to spend excessively long time on each call and they have to provide solutions immediately. Plus, as customers are mostly rushing through, time management becomes one of the vital characteristics to have.

Aforementioned four tips are some of the most vital qualities which are an indispensable part of every successful agent of inbound call centres. You must look for these traits before handing over the responsibility of your most important asset i.e. your customers.

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