Fully Managed Dedicated Server

Fully Managed Dedicated Server – The Best Idea For Growing Businesses

In the world of web hosting solutions, there are several types. The very first of the lot is shared hosting. In this, a single, physical server and its resources are shared between all the accounts on that particular server.

Then comes PS or Virtual Private Server Hosting. Here, there is again a single, physical server at play, which is divided virtually among all the accounts. Each portion has its own set of resources.

Dedicated Server Hosting is the big kahuna in the world of web hosting. In this type of Hosting, a single physical server is devoted to a single account or company. There are no other accounts on this server and its resources are not shared with any other account. Most providers offer expert help to the client, which means that they can even deploy new servers flawlessly.

Types of Dedicated Hosting

There are two types – managed and unmanaged.

In the managed option, all the management and administrative tasks of the server are done by the hosting services provider. Fully Managed Dedicated Server service offers the client total control over the server. The provider takes care of all the maintenance and management tasks and the client is free to concentrate on their business’s core aims.


Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting offers an astonishing array of advantages.

  • There is additional space for your business’s storage needs. Also provided is instantaneous support to any expansion requirements. This is a great idea when the client’s business is outgrowing service or product demands and finding it difficult to deal with outages.
  • It is important to safeguard the mission critical data and applications of the client. They should be kept safe in an offsite area for recovery in the event of a disaster. This is possible with fully managed dedicated hosting solutions providers since they offer this critical service.
  • The client gets the most robust safety and security measures that make sure all their data and apps are safe. Most providers also take care of timely software updates to safeguard the servers from malware or harmful viruses.
  • There is an extremely high level of professional support available by teams of expert, certified staff. These are available round the clock to help clients deal with all types of issues, whether big or small. The biggest plus point of this exercise is the client can easily cut down on the cost, time, and effort that would be spent in hiring and training in-house IT teams.
  • The best data centers ensure that they have seamless power supply and uninterrupted network connectivity. And they invest in infrastructure that would support the client in every way possible. Some companies even invest in getting power supply from two sources, and offer the choice of multiple network suppliers so that the client can choose their favorite among those.

The best part is the client can save themselves from a lot of headache that comes from setting up a data center, hiring and training the requisite IT staff, and putting in a sizable amount of money in buying and putting together the needed hardware and software. Even when they are able to do all that, they are plagued by the issues related to constant monitoring and management. Going in for fully managed dedicated server hosting solutions means the client can leave all their IT troubles to the provider’s teams and rest assured of great service and hassles-free work.

This is the reason more and more companies are opting for this service, and recommending it to others.


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