Gem Stones can bring changes in Life

The cat’s eye gem stones looks exactly like a cat’s eye and that is why it has its name. If a light passes through the stone, it has a sparkling effect on it.

The original cat’s eye gemstone price can depend on the karat of the stones and how original it is. Before buying it, one should consult an astrologer. The main benefit that one gets by wearing a cat’s eye gemstone is the lowering down of negativities in life. One has a pacified soul and mind and can take decisions with more easiness. It enhances the positive effects in life. It acts as a prot4ector and a safe guard of the wearer and saves them from accidents or mishaps that are not seen from before. One should wear it as a ring or a bracelet as the astrologer believes that wearing a cat’s eye gem stone alone does no benefit to the wearer.

Skin diseases and pimples are a cause of irritation. Cat’s eye can cure it and give a blemish free skin. It also cures hormonal imbalance and digestion problems keeping the stomach clear and hassle free. It eradicates arthritis, bone pain and back aches curing joint pains as well. It improves vision for those who have myopia and keeps the eye health better.

On the other hand, pearl gem stones are mainly found in water. Natural water pearls are the original and the best. These are mainly found in Australia, Gulf of Mannar (which is situated between Sri Lanka and India), Japan, South America, South Pacific islands and in Philippines. Some of these natural water pearls are also found in parts of Asia, Europe and North America. The lustre of a pearl gemstone completely depends on the originality and the quality of the stone. The shiny lustre should be there, the surface should be rough and sharp with bright reflections when hold against light. They can be round or oval in shape which can be later cut and smoothened to make into a blemish free pearl drop.

Many Hindu astrologers believe that when a child is born it is a very crucial thing to calculate their position of moon depending on their birth date and time. In fact, it is also very important to know the position of Moon in an individual’s life before wearing a pearl gem stone. If Moon has a bad influence in an individual’s life, they definitely need to wear a moon stone or a pearl. Wearing a moti stone keeps a child protected from bad health and constant illness.

In fact, if one thinks to buy pearl stones online, then they should definitely check their birth charts and consult an astrologer before buying them. White pearls are said to be the most effective one as a gem stone. It is said that white pearls, keep a human mind calm and composed. It is also said that this stone should be worn at the little finger of the hand.

Both the stones have respective positive effects on human body and soul.

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