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From birthdays to weddings and every celebration, cakes serve the purpose. Without cutting a cake, a happy occasion does not end. In fact there are varieties of cakes for every celebration. One can choose from those plenty options. One can also order cakes from various sites and can choose their favourite from them. The dessert which is loved by all is readily available everywhere. One can get a lot of varieties and flavours these days on cakes as well.

In fact, baking a cake is not a very hard thing to do. One has to collect the main ingredients like eggs, white flour, sugar syrup and butter easily. Creams and flavours are also available. One can also add whipped cream or fresh fruits after baking a cake. It serves the purpose of dessert in any family occasion.  You can also surprise your family members and loved ones by baking a cake for them. But if you go for cake delivery then also you can browse through various sites and search for the varieties that are available.

If we look at the history of cakes, then we can find that it has come down a long way. Long ago when Celtic people used to celebrate, they used to enjoy the Beltane Festival the most. In that festival, they used to lit a bonfire on a hill top and used to roll down round shaped cakes from the top of the hill. If the cake did not break till it reached down, it meant good fortune. That was the belief of local people then. Now, in a wedding day cutting a cake has become a common ritual. But, some time ago it was a bit different. People used to end a wedding ceremony by breaking a big loaf of bread on the bride’s head or just by simply throwing bread pieces on her. Cheese cakes also have a story to share. When it was originated, during the first Game of Olympics, cheese cakes were given to the athletes.

Most of the people say that a proper cake was first baked in Europe in the early 17th century. Due to advancement of technology invention of oven already happened and we got our first baked cake. But the extra components that were added to the recipe were sugar, dry fruits and flours. Much later toppings over a cake were introduced. At that time it was made with hot melted egg white.

Earlier it was known as a modification of bread. Now, cake has come a long way. Numerous recipes and flavours, this dessert is definitely a favourite for all across the world. The word Cake has a Viking origin. Those who are keen to know about the etymology of the word cake then they must know the fact that the word cake originally comes from the word Kaka.

One can select from the large varieties that are available these days that is from cup cakes to pastries and fruit cakes or plum cakes. Each one can set the mood and a bit of cake always makes one happy.

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