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How to Get Motivated Every Single Day?

Well, if you bathe daily or at least freshen up, it in itself is a sign that you are self motivated, at least for the sake of looking good or feel better.

But since there are a few Homo sapiens who refuse to practice it occasionally its mandatory to get motivated especially self motivated. To keep going you need constant motivation, and then reading and following of Bhagavad Gita Quotes will not disappoint you.

There are many options available for getting motivated. A few of them are time consuming too, which one may cherish at times, but nevertheless time is money and who have that in abundance (if any, they don’t need motivation… :)).

Tips to motivate every single day

You must start commanding your mind by commands like

  • STOP – To stop the mind thinking excessively on a single topic.
  • Say NO – To many unwanted objects which may later prove to be regretted.
  • Say YES – To start doing some novel things rather than just thinking.
  • VALUE – The time, which will lead you to greatness
  • Say OK – To many circumstances instead of acting immediately.
  • LISTEN – In order to give a proper and meaningful answer.
  • PRAY – For the well being of one and all (that will surely help).
  • LAUGH – For being lively and the healthy (happy is healthy) and,
  • ENOUGH – For excessive of anything may that be even laugh or sorrow.

These few commands may not only help you motivate your mind, but will also help you develop as a being. I think to keep you motivated for long time you need a REASON, a Strong Reason.

“Why” is more important in life.

Continually ask yourself about why I want to do this? What is the reason? What is the purpose? If you don’t have enough options you will work hard.

If you have a strong reason, you will definitely work hard. For me Family is a reason to keep going. I want to see my parents smile happily and the reason is me.

For some time, empty your mind; focus on one thing, your goals..!! Don’t only see the sunrise, but enjoy it, feel it.

You can discover your own quotes or can follow “Bhagavad Gita Quotes”;

One mind blowing quotes you can read below

“Keep calm, I know the situation is worse right now, But I know the next morning sun is waiting to embrace me with new hopes.”

Whenever you demotivated you can say to your mind for motivation

  • You’ve come so far, you can go ahead as well. If you could cross this and still be okay, you can do cross anything and still be okay
  • Think about your Parents. They are leaving no stones unturned just to see you Happy.

From my personal experience one can get motivated by simply following basic thumb rules of controlling your mind rather letting it control you. And, the “quotes from Bhagavad Gita” helps to control.

It’s solely one’s mind who gets dazzled and wander to thoughts after thoughts after thoughts leading to daydreaming and wondering what to do next and when.

Dear all it’s only the mind which commands you to raise questions like – “How do I get motivated every single day?”, but you all must understand that the answer to do this lies in the question itself i.e. I must be self motivated every single second rather being getting motivated daily.

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