Get Ready to Embrace Fun and Thrill in Bangalore

Adventures Fun and Thrill :-

Are you a lover of adventures fun and thrill? Do you always look for a chance to carry out an exciting deed? Well, then you should explore your own city for sure. 

There are many places and spots in Bangalore that cater Adventurous feel to the visitors. Even if you are not getting time during your weeks, you can make the most out of these spots on your weekends. After all, what can be more happening then having thrilled and pleasure right on your plate?

Just look around and you will get to know about several of Adventure activities in Bangalore. In case you are not good at planning and organizing then too don’t lose heart. Just go ahead and talk to groups and organizations that organize amazing adventurous activities for people.

Ballalarayana Durga Fort Trek: Monsoon Misty Mountains Special

Would you like to go on a thrilling and exciting adventurous tour on Friday 7th July 2017 9:30PM to Sunday 9 July 2017 10:00PM? The electrifying trip is getting organized by Adventure Adda, and you can book a seat in it in just Rupees 3400!

Talking about BallalarayanaDurga fort, it was built by the wife of Veera Ballala l who was the monarch of the Hoysala Empire in 12th century. The Hoysalas were popular to be patrons of architecture and Art and constructed various temples and a couple of forts during their realm. It is located on a hill that is 1509 metres high. Though the fort has lost its magnificence but it still stands as a remote reminder of its gorgeous past. Apart from its old significance the BallalarayanaDurga fort is also popular as a trekking destination. So, don’t think too much and book your tickets. A lot of thrill and adventure await you! Once you have enrolled yourself for this trip, you need not to worry about anything. Everything will be organized for you and all you have to do is, spend a quality time.

Yana Cave Expedition with NPN-12

You can enjoy a thrilling Yana Cave Expedition from Friday the 4th August 2017 7:30PM toSunday, 6 August 2017 10:00PM. This exciting plan is organized by NPN-12. If you are nature lovers then you must participate in Yana Cave Expedition. This exciting trip is open for all age group. So, just leave your laptop alone for a weekend and enjoy a trip to an exciting destination.

This Yana is a getaway that can be best described as nature’s bucket full of hypnotic picturesque views. The spot is situated in the Sahyadri mountain range of Western Ghats. So, if you are willing to escape from hustle and bustle of Bengaluru’s traffic and crowd, join the thrill to relax and unwind in the middle of the enthralling nature. So, whether you and your bunch of friends, family members or colleagues, you must visit this spot. It will make your day.

Thus, these were just a few adventurous options for you in Bangalore. If you are passionate about exploration and adventure then there is much more stored for you.

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