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How to Get More Views for Your Video on YouTube

You may have uploaded your video on the YouTube for promoting your service/product, spread awareness, exhibit your creativity about the social cause or just for fun. In which you would certainly need the users on YouTube at least for watching your video postings, rating on it and making comment on it. With the millions of the users uploading and watching the videos on YouTube and you may also get all their attentions for your postings and this will definitely increase your video view count. If your video postings have been viewed only by few numbers of YouTube users means then you can increase the view of your YouTube videos by making use of the following tips. They are.

  • Post “how to” video or tutorial – lots of viewers browse the YouTube site for entertainment and fun but there are some people who use the YouTube for learning purpose. So you can create a “how to” video on the popular subjects, themes or topics such as like martial arts, video on yoga, aerobics, desert preparation, DIY crafts and many more. This type of interesting educational postings will be viewed by more number of people.
  • Create discussions – The next step for increasing your YouTube views is to initiate the discussions about your video. One way to start this interaction is by asking the question on video comments and another way of creating the discussion is commenting on your own video by yourself with the help of multiple accounts.

The third tip how to get more views on youtube is by making more friends. When you have more friends on the social media then they will be watching your videos, comment on it and they also share your videos to their friends so that you will be getting more views for your videos. This is an easy and the best way for increasing your video view count on the YouTube.

Advantage of getting the more views for your YouTube video

If you get more views for your videos then it means that your video has been liked by most of the people and because of that they comment and share your video to their friends. If you have the more views for your video postings then it means you are found to be the popular user for sharing the innovative and creative videos as per the user’s interest and the excellent video theme has attracted many YouTube users to watch your videos. If you post the good videos with excellent theme and message then it will be viewed by more number of YouTube users and they also share your video on the other social media which increase your popularity than ever before.

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