How a GPS Tracker Can Save Money and Lives

A GPS tracker is an incredibly useful device. You can use it to track your packages, suitcases, vehicles, children, spouse, or anything else that you want to know the location of at all times for peace of mind. Perhaps a priceless heirloom is being shipped all over the world for you or maybe your children are having a gap year, backpacking across Australia. The GPS tracker is not a luxury anymore, it is more of a necessity. They come as passive and active lockers as well as wired and wireless models.

How to Use a GPS Tracker

You will be happy to know that it is very easy to use a GPS tracker. They are lightweight and very small. It means that you don’t have to take into consideration where you will place the tracker if you want to protect your assets. The greatest benefit is that there is no longer any need to wait for something to go wrong before you take action. Rather, you can be proactive and track the things and people that matter to you, always knowing where everything is. For businesses, this is particularly important if they want to prove where their employees were at set times, or where a package has gone that a customer wants to receive for instance.

There are numerous stories that show just how useful these trackers have been. For instance:

  • A wife was able to demonstrate her husband’s infidelity by tracking his movements to a nearby motel.
  • An employee was able to conclusively prove that they were late due to traffic and not due to slacking on the job by demonstrating they were on a certain road at a certain time.
  • A business was able to show that their package had been lost by the postal service and were able to recover it.
  • A man was able to find back his prized vehicle that had been stolen overnight.
  • A family was able to find back their child who had run away from home.

GPS trackers, as you can see, can save money and lives.  That being said, you do have to consider whether or not you are allowed to track something. You cannot be in breach of any privacy laws. For instance, should you wish to track an individual, you should technically do so with their permission. Naturally, the above example of the wife who was able to demonstrate her husband had an affair did not have this permission. However, all she wanted was grounds for divorce, which is why she chose to use the tracker anyway.

Businesses on the other hand, are not allowed to track their employees or even the vehicles their employees drive without telling them that they do so. Indeed, employees have to sign their agreement, which is part of their contract. Not signing the contract, however, is not an option as it can be a requirement of the business. What matters, however, is that employees are aware of the fact that they are being tracked.

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