Granite Analysis and Methods of Calculating

While buying granite something that comes to our mind is the area where we want to install the granite, color of the granite that will suit our contrast plan and obviously the dimensions of the room or if it is in the kitchen then dimension of kitchen counter in order to calculate how much granite it requires.

Ordering too much granite is mere wastage of money while ordering fewer amounts is another headache for the purchaser to order recursively. So, for the same, we use square footage. Actually, square footage represents Square feet. This determines what quantity of granite in actual it requires to complete the entire task without any issue.

 Moreover, granite is very cost effective and requires a very little amount of maintenance. Also, it is not affected by heat which is usually in the kitchen while coming in contact with any sort of hot utensil or even a burning matchstick that is accidentally left on the slab without blowing it off. Therefore, it is suitable for kitchen/flooring purposes. It is important to measure the dimension of the flooring or the kitchen countertops in order to specify the amount of granite that it requires.

How to calculate?

In order to know how to measure square footage what we need to do is measure the dimensions as follows:

  •         Take the expanse of the kitchen countertop in feet and inches; if the granite is for countertop else consider the stretch of the flooring.
  •         Take the depth/breadth of the countertop/ flooring accordingly in feet and inches.
  •         Suppose we have length = 180 inches and say the depth/breadth = 30 inches.
  •         After that, what we need to do is multiply both length and depth /breadth of the kitchen countertop /flooring i.e. 180 in*30 in which gives us 5,400 sq. inches


  •         After that we need to divide the number so obtained by 144 i.e. 5,400/144=37.5 sq. feet.
  •         We need to divide the resulting number in square inches by 144 as one square foot is equal to 144 square inches; therefore, to convert 5,400 square inches into square feet we divide it using 144.

After we come to know about how to measure square footage, we need to do the fabrication of granite, which includes detecting any sort of flaws so that it the appearance of the final product is flawless and appealing. Followed by cutting, washing, drying of the granite in order to make it ready for installation as per the desire of the purchaser.

Some precautions:

After the selection of the type of granite, its color, measuring the square footage, fabrication, installation it is the time to take some precautions while using it, which are as follows:

  •         Although granites are scratch resistant but avoid dragging heavy objects on granite countertops even on flooring avoid dragging cylinders or objects with rough bases it may / may not reduce the shine.
  •         Avoid using hard soaps or bleaches on the granite surfaces. As bleaches remove the color, so it may/ may not cause an effect on the granite surface.
  •         Some liquids, which are revitalizers or granite revitalizer, are good enough for granite to help it maintain its shine.

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