Health benefits of Amla Ka Murabba

Health benefits of Amla Ka Murabba

Amla is the Indian name for gooseberry and is available in many parts of the country. The fruit is big, juicy, and round and is often found to be green or yellow in colour. The pulp of the fruit is edible and it also has a hard, big seed inside.  This fruit is sour and is often craved by women during pregnancy. Amla also has many other benefits such as medicinal values, flavour, etc.

Since the fruit is so sour, it is used to make a sweet dish called Murabba. It is known to improve he immune system of the body and is prepared using many herbs. It is also called Murabba-e-Amla and is made by mixing Amlas in honey or sugar. The preservation in sugar or honey will make the fruit last longer and also is very delicious to eat. It also known as ‘Rasayana’ in Ayurveda. It is very rich in Vitamin c and also contains other nutrients such as minerals, iron, carbohydrates, fibre, proteins, etc. It also cools down your body and helps in digestive problems.

The best time to eat Amla ka Murabba is in the morning right after you wake up. It comes in the form of tonic, and you can take in the dosage of fifteen gms a day. You could find the recipe of amla ka murabba in hindi online. If you are eating it as a whole, then you can eat one or two pieces per day.

There are many advantages of eating the fruit. Here are a few health benefits of Amla Ka Murabba:

  1. Mineral content.

This fruit is rich in many minerals such as zinc, copper, chromium, etc. These mineral help better the bodily functions. Chromium helps in managing cholesterol levels.  Minerals from amla also lower risk of heart failures.

  1. Digestive system.

Amla also helps in purifying the digestive system. It treats gastric issues and is usually consumed with milk for better results. It helps in regular bowl movements and it also helps in treating gastritis. It also reduces and provides relief from constipation and helps prevent it as well.

  1. Pregnancy cravings.

Women love to eat something sweet and sour during pregnancy which amla murrabba provides in the right balance. It is also very healthy for both the mother and the baby. It improves child’s immunity when he/she is in the mother’s womb. It also helps in reducing hair fall during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.


  1. Boosting Immunity.

Amla ka Murabba really helps in boosting immunity by providing body with vitamin C which contains anti-oxidants.  It also helps in preventing cold, fever, and more.

  1. Reducing PMS.

Amla Murabba reduces menstrual cramps and makes you feel more fresh and healthy during your menstruation cycle. If taken regularly, you can also avoid menstrual camps in the future.

These are among the many health benefits of Amla ka Murabba among many others.  Try to eat it regularly for overall health benefits as it will improve your immunity, strength and give your skin a natural glow. If you want to make it at home, you could look up Amla ka Murraba recipe in hindi or English online.

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